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'Sector Correctional Facility'
and how a shiny new prison affects you.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on the interior of the brand spanking new Sector Correctional Facility in Central Red.

Many of you might recall the ominous and deadly descriptions around the prison that showcases auto-cannons and all sorts of painful things to dissuade you from entering, without actually letting you attempt to scale the walls.

Well, the descriptions are still there, and now you can attempt to scale the walls. This is the only warning you're going to get though.... Prisons tend to be secure.

Along with the opening and securing of the prison facility, we're going to be changing gameplay for the WJF, WCS, TERRA and adding a brand new group/faction to the game in the form of the SCF or Sector Correctional Facility employees, these people essentially work for the City much like WCS, but have their own specific role.

Jobs for this faction will be posted in good time, and TERRA/WCS/WJF PCs will be updated on how the changes will affect them ICly.

Now, you might ask... Cerb, why a prison? Judges only fine and kill.

Well, that's because I want to lock people in a cell and laugh at them, but then you might also ask, but Cerb, that sounds like some boring shit. To which I will reply, yes, this is why I want to do a trial run on fully volunteer prison RP as an alternative to clone death.

Some career criminals die a lot... They die so much that they might get tired of being career criminals, but what if you could pump the brakes a little and volunteer to have your next clone death result in a short multi-day stint of RP behind bars, on the receiving end of RP from prison guard PCs and NPCs?

There's visiting booths and visitor's are allowed access to Prisoners when it's convenient for the guards, etc.

So that is where we're going with this, at least on a trial and volunteer basis now to see how people like it.

As usual, we don't build impenetrable fortresses, everything has security gaps and flaws, there's room for prison economy for fixers to develop, as well as break in and break outs by some ballsy players.

The place is big, and it's taken be quite a while to finish, so in the next week or so, I hope you enjoy what you find.

Uh. This is a really cool idea. Nice work, builders!

This is a great thing to have, as long as players can still communicate with the outer world and move in recreational areas, and prison times are kept balanced (not 1 month or whatever). Good work, hope to see this soon :)

Two things I wanted to comment on:

First was a curiosity, will prisoners still get SIC access?

Second, who's already started writing up their prison kingpin?

This sounds very cool. I look forward to seeing it in action! You guys are all awesome!

This is fucking awesome, Cerb. Jail-time instead of clone death always seemed like a logical choice from an IC perspective, and might even reduce the 'cheapness' of dying. Once you hear of a certain character dying for the fifth time the emotional impact just isn't there.


Well the reason Judges tended to just execute you rather than imprison you, at least from my perspective, was because its cheaper for them. A bullet costs a lot less than processing a prisoner, holding them, and maintaining the holding facilities.

I do wonder if it would make more sense for Judges to only imprison more serious crimes, things that warrant more punishment than a simple cloning.

On the other hand, I feel putting people in these correctional facilities would be more in-line with TERRA, seeing as they're more meant to provide more of a peace-keeping role than a law-enforcing one.

Just a few thoughts.

Jail time is boring. That's why it wasn't used. People don't want to be cut off from RP. SIC will be active with the usual brown-out issues.

The prison is officially opened, check IC for details on how it related to you if you're TERRA, WCS, or WJF, or ask around if you want a new career in the prison industry.

This is awesome, I was (accidently) privy to what the jail used to look like, and thought it was a spectacular idea. Though I am not privy to how it currently operates, I think having a staff, and inmates, and maybe even a market to smuggle stuff in and out etc would be crazy fun!