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[Sept 2019] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Your one stop shop for all this months updates


Certain elevators have continued to have issues. I keep thinking I've solved the problem but apparently not. Since I can find the source of the issue (which is that the doors get stuck open and because they never close, the elevator never moves), which is always the ideal solution, I have added some nanny code that basically allows the elevator to recover semi-automatically in the event of an issue.

When you 'push close' inside an elevator that is stuck, it will schedule the doors to be closed.

When you 'call' an elevator who's doors are stuck open, it will also schedule the doors to be closed.

Not sure if this will eliminate 100% of the issues, but it should drastically reduce them.


This will turn on temp_place emoting which means when you change your temp_place it automatically emotes out the change for you. This feature is beta, and in testing. You can use it, but if we end up not liking it, it might be removed.


This was already possible. No one seems to have known though. I've updated 'help containers' (help brief or help wallet redirect here) to reflect this code.


A new help file that describes what staff considers when trying to determine if someone is farming or not.


When you clone the name attached to your SIC will be used by the system when it welcomes you back instead of your characters screen name. If you don't have a SIC... well, you'll have to try it and see :)


When you @trust someone it will send them an OOC notification that you have done so, this should reduce the awkwardness of someone not being sure if they have been trusted to do an action that ICly they obviously have been trusted to do.


I've excluded commonly updated GM facing help files from this list to avoid confusing players who try to access them.


When an admin updates a help file it will push a notification out to Game-Help.


Orbs are pretty cool. However, they are somewhat incomplete when it comes to being able to damage them. As such, they are basically unstoppable and un-get-rid-of-able. As a first step / band-aid on this issue I've made it so you can smack an orb out of the room it's in. It won't damage the orb, and the orb can come right back, but it's better than not being able to get rid of them at all. I will have to spend some additional time finishing off some pieces of the orb code before they can be damaged or destroyed in any way though.


You'll now find if you as a corpie should have access to a corpie only area for housing purposes - you will be able to get there, and vice versa if you're a mixer or service mixer you won't be able to get in.

Thank you so much for all of these- I'm particularly looking forward to seeing how things play out with the ORBs


Up until now we were restarting the webclient once at week at 2:30AM on Monday morning. It will now also restart at that time on Thursday. This should solve the EMFILE issue that we consistently were seeing every Sunday.


These now take more time and have additional messaging. They will fail if you aren't in the same room as the person being scanned when the scan completes.


There was a bug where if someone failed to clone due to a bad clone record, the tank would get "locked" in the activated position until a senior staff member could reset it. This led to periods of time where cloning and corpse cloning were not possible.

There is now code to reset the tank to "inactive" if someone tries and fails to clone, so that this doesn't happen. Additionally, there are now staff notifications for when this happen, so all online Staff will be notified if someone fails to clone.

Note: This will not prevent occasional bugs while cloning, if you get the "Something went wrong please contact Admin" message, please xhelp us!


The dynamic room cleanup nanny was not functioning properly so we had a lot of maze rooms and badlands and space and falling rooms that were not cleaned up properly. I've resolved the issue with Johnny's help and the task is running again. This should have the ancillary effect of fixing certain dynamic maze rooms that were broken due to running out of quota to spawn new rooms-- since the mazes were never intended to continue to exist forever. So, good all around and it will reduce bloat and make us thinner.


I further fixed and updated this code as it wasn't taking into account mazes at all. I've always tweaked it to run faster.


I fixed a missing variable in this script that was causing TBs.


There was a bug that was letting you go @ooc while hidden. I have fixed this bug. Going @ooc notifies people in the room, and returning from @ooc notifies people in the room, while @ooc the room shows 1 or more people as being @ooc from this location. If you need to go @ooc you will need to unhide. There are coded reasons that this needs to happen as well as uncoded ones. One example would be: Joe enters a room, turns on his thermos, searches to see if anyone is present, and then begins telling Jess some secrets with a reasonable confidence that they are not being over heard. During that conversation Bob returns from @ooc while hidden. It does not make sense that Joe would know this ICly since it is an OOC message. And thus, it doesn't make sense that Joe would stop telling secrets even though Bob would technically have been in the room when the search was happening if they had been IC.


I've cleaned up some dead code carried over from LambdaMOO that we moved away from years ago. It makes our code base a little smaller and our objects a little lighter.


When you attack someone or attacked, both you and the attack will become aware of each other in the same way you would if you 'address '. This will ensure that you see actions they take after the combat begins (such as flee, get, etc). Up until now, on crowded streets, even if someone attacked you head on, you might miss them picking up your weapon that they disarmed, or not see their attempt to flee and only see them head west after the fact.


Hubs have a 'set' command that shows their inputs and outputs and it was showing the location of items. While this made them easier to use it was also revealing IC info that your character wouldn't have. As such, this has been removed and it will only show you the name of the devices connected and not their location. Other things like a security network analyzer might give more info.


When you are asked to provide your name upon entering the dome for the first time it will now ensure you are providing a First and Last name and if you don't it kicks you out of line and you have to start over. It also gives some helpful info for newbies that might be confused.


As many of you have heard we have newbie protection that prevents newbies from being attacked, etc for a period of time after entering the dome. This can be removed by certain violent actions. However... uh... when I added the code to broadcast to game-help that a new player had entered the city, instead of 'reading' if they had newbie immunity, I uh... was removing it. So, no one had immunity. It's been fixed. Sorry about that new players from the last... /shrug amount of time. That's my bad.


The code I wrote for making purchasable beds work right also broke Yoga mats. I have fixed it but if you have a stuck yoga mat just put in a service request with the location and i will fix.