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For your helps!

I've added a new verb called @slang.  The usage is simple:

@slang <word> will return (if found) the slang representation for the word.


@slang idiot


The following is slang for 'idiot': baka, choombaka.

Now, the problem is that I have to generate a list of words that you might use where you should use baka.


"idiot", "dumbass", "dumby", "tard", "retard", "stupid", "fucktard", "fuck head", "dumb ass"

@slang any of those and you'll get baka.

I've added like 10 words to the @slang, but I want to add more and I want your help.

To help just pick a word.  IE:  Splatjob



then pick words that you might use where you could use splatjob.


dead meat, dead, corpse, cement poisioned


Then post them here and I'll add them. This will save lots of work.