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[Stats] Updated Help FIles
More info on stats/skill rolls and uses

Hey Folks -

We've taken some time and updated/added a variety of help files around stats and skills to better capture the OOC information about them that many folks pick up over time, on game-help, or via xhelp.

Our policy around explaining how stats/skills work in character has not changed, and the information in these helpfiles was already available in various BGBB threads/game help convos, but we wanted to present it in a unified place, with examples, to better help new and existing players understand how our stat/skills work, without revealing the kind of information that we want found out in character.

You can start your journey into these help files with 'help stats' and then check out the see also sections. We discuss common knowledge things such as sub stats, the UE curve, how stats are allocated to sub stats, how stats play into skill rolls, and other such things.

Hopefully this clears up the OOC confusion some have expressed around the system, while maintaining the mystery of figuring things out in game!

-- S

Considering this is one of the biggest updates to our help documentation around how stats/skills work we've ever made... and also considering it's one of the biggest things people ask about... I kinda thought there would be more feedback!

What do people think of this update?

The updates to the helpfiles are pretty good all around. A lot of information that was previously known and shareable by oldbies got included in there, which I like. Possibly fewer times needing to repeat the information.

I especially like the addition to 'help '. The examples of how stats and substats used in each case is not only a helpful thing to know, but means that we can more easily answer newbie common sense questions with a helpfile instead of just having to say 'Hurr durr, use common sense.'

The updates to the helpfiles were really good, and I highly appreciate them.

As a new player, there were multiple situations where I did not really know what was okay for me to know with regards to system knowledge and mechanics. I was told that information regarding Stats and system mechanics was "IC info" and therefore was against the rules to discuss. It felt like I had to tip-toe around a whole lot because it wasn't always clear what was okay to ask, and what was not okay to ask, especially with how some Community members react.

So, having these updated helpfiles are a huge help to me, and I believe to other new players who will wonder about what's okay to know, and what's okay to ask about.

I especially think it's important for people to understand how Substats work, because I believe that knowledge is required for players to make an informed decision about whether they want to invest in this game.

Gonna just toss my two cents in as a returning player. I love how much clearer these help files are. I had left sindome 4 years ago and have loved all these changes I came back to. The help files feel much more....well...helpful. I greatly appreciate how much clearer this makes things for me as a returning new-old-new player.