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@voice is required now
If you set it, you gotta have it

Per a convo in another thread, and a discussion with the GMs, you can no longer clear your @voice after you've set it. You will need to replace it with another @voice. See 'help @voice' for more information. This is to prevent people from removing their @voice by accident or on purpose to hide their identity, without offering some information as to how they sound.
Are we required to set it in the first place?
You are strongly encouraged to, but I don't want to create a barrier for new players, or something they will setup badly before understanding it's usage. There is an automatic reminder that goes out every few hours to folks who do not have one set.
+1 Thumbs up!

Off topic but in the same sort of vein - is there a similar reminder/requirement for nakeds?

Nothing more awkward than being asked to describe someone, only to be forced to go on their short-desc (which can literally match millions of people) because they have no defining features.

@pfh: Uh huh, please see:
@slither: Much appreciated, thanks. ^^ Sorry, it's been a while since I've been through cgen.