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Admin Side Automationsis
Small automations to make GMs lives easier

I don't post about these as often as I post about changes that effect the players, but I think it's important to let the community know that new code is added not just to support the IC world but also to support maintaining the IC world.

Being a GM on Sindome is hard work and there are a lot of little things that need to be done. For instance, we have a policy of using a command called @greet to greet every guest that signs into the game. This lets the guest know that we are an active community with staff members that are responsive and willing to answer questions. We could of course, automate this process but that sends the wrong message. If you are a guest and you have a question and you've just been told to xhelp to get answers and you xhelp and no one answers, well, that's kinda bullshit.

So instead of automating the sending of the message, I have created a command that notifies the admin if a guest has NOT been greeted. Thus prompting them to @greet the guest, even if say, five minutes have passed since they signed on.

We also have a policy of xhelping players with no or short @describes (coupled with not having any @nakeds). We currently get notified of players with short @describes but those notifications are often overlooked due to the fact that there is a game to run. So! Players with descriptions that do not meet our length requirements will get an automated message from the system pointing them to help files for @describe and @Nakeds and letting them know how important having a good description is. Admin are then notified of the players that received the message.

This should go a long way toward getting descriptions updated fast without admin intervening to remind players. Since, well, the message is going to keep popping up every 30 minutes or so until the player updates their description. It's a bit immersion breaking-- but so is reading a description that says 'he is a unicorn' or 'he is a man' or 'she is tall'.

We also have a system in place that notifies admin of unanswered xhelps, requisitions, reimbursements, new gridmail, missing help files (based on how often they are requested), pending donations, license requests, unemployed players, active plots, unapproved histories, and like 15 other things.


-- S

Further improvements on the admin-side:

We have a command very similar to players 'i/inv/inventory' and it's @i. It allows us to see what's in someones inventory, the same way you see what's in your own. I've updated this command to be faster, and to give additional details on what's in someones inventory! Too often we puppet a judge and they have an enforcer on them and it's EMPTY. Which allows the dirty mixers to escape.

Now, under certain items, like drugs, clips, guns, etc., it tells us how much of the item is remaining! This also includes things in holsters, so we can see that there is an enforcer in the holster, and how much ammo is left in the enforcer. Very useful.

Sorry players, you do not get this feature :)

@attention has also received some updates

-- players over 250ue are listed

-- missing forked tasks

-- celebrating mistakes (we catalog big mistakes we've made to show new GMs that it's okay to make them)

-- pending orders on vehicle kiosks

-- undescribed/under described players

-- upcoming weather events (like floods)

We've also added cleanup code to numerous places in the MOO to help us keep things clean automatically!

Just wanted to report on some admin-side quality of life improvements:

1. We've changed some of our internals around for crate deliveries/rat carcasses/selling to npcs/a few other places, so we don't get notified of every single thing the NPC says during these interactions. Should clean up some scroll.

2. We know get alerted when someone sets off a car alarm while trying to steal it. We had a notification before but it was just that the person had 'failed'. And that doesn't always mean they set off the alarm.

-- S

Some further things:

1. admin enhanced room vision is toggleable with @options

2. channel rewinds now have the month/day along with the time

3. quality of life improvements for admin @attention tools

4. debug info channel joining shows you if debugging is enabled/disabled globally

1. Added easier to use code to grant someone a 'real' sic implant that can be ripped out by a doc.

1. We've added a new admin command to make it easier to add help topics that forward to other help topics.

2. Updates to several admin side commands to make them available to support GMs and also to make them work on shrouded people.

3. new suspended version of :match_list to support longer running things

4. removed some old gag_list code from some low level verbs which should save us a bunch of ticks in the long run.

5. removed admin gag verbs since we don't use this code.

6. updated messaging for @request-puppet to state it doesn't need to be done for gridmails

7. new verb to move recycled art to a holding room so it isn't clogging up the recycling bin

8. updates to the coloring of messaging relating to puppeting for admin to make it more clear

1. Added better columnization based on the admins .linelen to @edit-help so all help files can be displayed at once

2. Added new $string_utils:alternate_colors verb which takes a list of strings and two colors and applies the colors to alternating rows.

3. Added alternate_colors to the columnized listing of help files to make it easier to read.

1. I updated a few more verbs to work better with shrouded people.

2. I refactored a few different verbs I ran across so they were less spaghetti code like.

3. I updated the admin examine me help files, so they can see all the stuff they have access to properly.

- SGMs should be able to @stats Npcs

- @vehicle-owner, and install/uninstall of sec system with trigger automatic note for audit/tracking purposes, authorize/deauth will trigger *gm mail

- @wakeup-vr will allow gms to wake people up from VR if there is a bug in SHFL

- @realnames will now tell you it's options

- Staff Drive organized

- Vehicle Ownership google doc updated

- @umc-ranking command based on stats/skills so Support GMs can better tell what someones rank should be without needing to see their stats directly

- @cell moved to $watcher from $creator

- @faction-update updated to have a better display and options with examples