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Alcohol changes
The fuck d'you mean, I's schlurring!?

Alcoholic drinks have gotten a tune-up, to handle the fact that some kinds of drinks just aren't very strong and others are stronger. This property or quality was always coded in to drinks, but wasn't being used correctly. Additionally, there were some drinks which were notoriously overpowered.

You should notice most drinks being about as intoxicating as they always were. The weakest forms of alcohol and the bottled forms of hard alcohol are where you're most likely to notice the tuning kicking in.

The last thing we're looking at, and haven't finalized yet, is how much of a tolerance your charaacter can develop. If you have one of the characters who can lo longer experience drunk effects at all anymore with any amount of drinking, give us a while, this might be reeled back in to something realistic.

Alright! Good work guys!
I -may- have one of those steel liver characters if you want to examine anyone for scaling purposes. My attempts at rampant alcoholism have proven.. impressive. I might try some slightly more OP beverages and see what happens tho.
Alcohol tolerance is no longer a one-way road to complete unintoxicability. It's now possible for your character come back from that state where no amount of drinking will get them lit.
It's official!
That is great news.