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Allow me to pour you a drink.
Real space cowboys drink Space Rum

Bottles of Liquor now have a new command. POUR

pour bottle with counter/kitchenette/bar will now produce a glass of that liquor.

I'm also adding in several new kinds of cheap and expensive liquors today and will be placing them around the MOO.

We're adding cheap/expensive versions of;







Thanks to Meph for coding up the verb.

hell yes
No more taking large swigs from bottles like alcoholics. Hooray.
A question on behalf of the bar-tending players in Sindome. Should we assume we've been able to sell these new drinks all along (or bottled versions in the case of some) or are we just going to say they were recently made available?
Stelpher, much like when they added new buildings in Red and cultural quarters, just assume they were always there.

This is a great change. Can I suggest being able to refill your canteens with liquor?

Villa u r a genius
+1 to Villa's suggestion. Canteens should be able to be filled with booze.