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Alright you Bruce Lee wannabe's...
For those of you who like to kick ass.

Alright... we'd done some discussing and decided that all of you martial artists out there were getting the shaft when it came to hand to hand combat. Those who were supposidly trained in the arts were getting beaten down by those who were not so well trained...

This has been resolved.

Martial Arts are still disabled... but we've applied a temporary fix to the issue. Those of you with MA skill can now use it in reference to brawling... let me explain.

The messages and damages will still be brawling based, but instead of brawling skill being used, you also have the option of MA skill being used (whichever is the better of the two).

To set your style, just type: @default-htoh is Brawling

This will handle everything else, it will still say your skill used is brawling, but you will be using the MA stat/skill when it comes to actual use of the skill, if your MA is better than your Brawling.

Have fun... and please... try not to hurt yourselves!


(Edited by Wren at 9:09 pm on June 11, 2002)


hurt each other instead

I'm a Dumb Ass!!�

(Edited by allandra at 10:48 pm on June 12, 2002)