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Apartment Doors
some changes

1.) All apartment doors have been downgraded. This was due to not being able to tell who upgraded their door for free.

2.) You will now be required to pay the upgrade cost to upgrade your apartment door. No more getting away with a free upgrade. It will tell you what the cost is to upgrade before taking your chyen.

3.) You can no longer program in additional combinations. These combinations never worked from the inside anyway. You can still program the primary code.

4.) You can now 'peek <door> at <someone>' to look at someone who's outside your door.

5.) There were structural changes to the 'push' command that changed the order in which you got messages about your actions. Please pay attention to what the messages say. :)

Viesques Place is now re-opened for those of you looking for a different place to live. You can now rent apartments from the outside gate, as well as get a directory listing of the occupants.

All Krakeon and VP apartments are now 3 distinct rooms, the main room, the bedroom and a functional closet. The bedroom comes with a bed & shower facilities. The closet is designed to hold your shit, and has a limit to how much shit it will hold. You can even open and close the doors to the new rooms, so people can't scope out all your shit when they come for a visit!

Now those of you paying for corpie luxury have something to feel smug about. :)

That is super sweer!!!
Is the default door code still 1234567?Johnny