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Armor Fixes ][
The other topic was too spammy.

Hi, just to inform that most armor in game are done. With the only exception being Xo5 and GARB(not in game) where a refactoring is taking place to account for the new bodysuit/jumpsuit logic.

With that all armor has been changed as to: value, weight and most importantly protection value. Armor now protects you, a lot. Some will even deflect 99.99% of damage, it is not a sure thing but armor will protect you where it didn't before.

Armor is divided into categories being Basic Protection, Everyday Protection, Defense Protection, Combat Protection and Extreme Protection. More info can be found here:

Now we are expanding areas that need items, like the Xo3 armor and others. This is being done both IC and OOC with the help of the players.

A new set of armor is in the game. Yes, this is a set of armor, one of each will make the complete protection. It is supposed to be worn over a jumpsuit or a bodysuit.

Jumpsuits and bodysuits will affect how the armor protects you.

Welcome back, Xo3.

Not sure if I should post here, but the Du-Wear part of the wiki article has a typo on codpiece, and the jumpsuit is listed twice.

Thanks for all the work and dedication!


My black EcoGear Thermal pants appear to be covering my the eyes in the greatest wedgie of all time. And after getting a serious up close look at the stuff I have to say, I am kind of shocked I do not see it more often. It really does look pretty sick. I actually don't care if it's armor or not. Ten stars.

Nobody wants cold eyes!

All joking aside, @bug this, if you haven't, please. Thanks