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Auto Storage
Cause you know you want it

Since we have coded auto theft, we thought it prudent to give you a safe place to put your vehicle when you aren't around.

For a price of course.  Garages to store your vehicles in (they work similar to lockers) are in game.  There is currently one on RED.  Once we've made sure there aren't any bugs, and someone reminds me, I'll put one on the corpie levels.

Where is this garage you ask?  You'll have to find out ICly.  How much does it cost?  If you have to ask that question, you shouldn't have a car.

I think this is a great idea.   Does it automatically boot your car when the rent runs out tho?   Cause if it doesn't then you could just use it forever and only pay once.

It works the same as lockers, if you don't pay up it will boot your car out.

from what I've noticed, and maybe I'm wrong, but lockers don't boot your shit until you come back.   For instance, you could rent a locker, put your shit in it, then come back 6 months later, even though you only rented it for a week, and then when you enter the code again your shit gets tossed.     thereby giving you 5 months and 3 weeks free storage.     That's just what I've experienced in the past anyway, havn't had that problem lately so I don't know if they still work that way, but if so... questionable is all I'm sayin.   But once again, great idea, great addition!

It's true, they don't.