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Autopruner Minigame
Just a bit of weekly fun

The autopruner is a tool that runs weekly and prunes exceed data from the game, and writes things to disk as needed (for stuff like photos that can be lazy loaded). When I set it to run weekly, you would see a message like this:

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Autopruner is running... cleaning the MOO up like a boss. Could cause a teeny bit of lag while it's running. [46 karma]

And when it finished it would show a message like this...

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Autopruner has finished running and cleaned up 322,047 bytes [46 karma]

I noticed that people were throwing their votes for how much it would prune into game-help or OOC-chat and having a little game. I found this delightful and thus, coded it into a little OOC minigame.

When the autopruner starts (runs on Sunday) you will see an additional message:

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Voting for how much the autopruner will shave off the DB is open. Votes and winner will be announced on OOC-CHAT. Use '@vote-auto ' to vote (price is right rules). [46 karma]

You can then use @vote-auto to register your vote! The amount is in bytes, so 300000 is 300k and 1000000 is roughly 1 megabyte. Votes placed will be shown on OOC-Chat and a winner will be announced automatically on OOC-Chat. It'll also track how many times you've won.

If, by some miracle, you guess the EXACT amount, which is like hitting the lottery... you will see something special. :)

-- S