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Bugs and You
Sometimes submitting isn't enough!

Some of you may be aware that you could type @view-bug/@vb to view bugs you and others have submitted.

@bugs, which should have been available to you was malfunctioning/not finished and you had to guess at bug numbers.

We're up to 2900+ lifetime.

This has changed.  You can now use @bugs.

It will print out a list of the most recent bugs for you.  If you are looking to see if one of your OWN bugs has been fixed, you may want to do @bugs me, which will display a list of only your bugs.

Once you have the bug number you can do @vb 2393 or whatever.

You can also do @bugs closed to view a list of the most recently closed bugs and then use @vb bug# to get more info and see the closing notes.

More detailed information on @Bugs is available ICly by typing @bugs -help

Sometimes we as admin need more information about bugs you submit, and we'll leave notes on the bugs requesting more info.  You should check on bugs you've submitted to make sure that we have all the info we need.

This isn't a requirment of course, but it's definitely helpful in making the game better.

Also, if you notice that a great number of your bugs are remaning open for long periods of time, it may be that you are not including enough information with your bugs reports.  More is better in this case.  Be as detailed as possible.  

If you don't have time to be detailed (IE: during major RP), you can submit a bug as you would normally do and then go back with @bugs when you have time and leave a note with more information using @nb <bugid>

Thank you for helping us make the game better!