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Cabs ah hear

Cabs now cost a lot more.  Sorry folks, but they were way to cheap and that was making for a bad economic move since no one wanted to buy cars and there for no one needed mechanics, or car salesmen, or player drivers that charge less.

Basically, it was cheaper then the cost of eth by far.

Now they are a lot more.


So I haven't used a car or seen someone fill up a tank in a long time but does it still take like 1500-3000 chyen to fill a tank up after driving from red to green a few times?

I'm just worried that players won't get out there and use the automated systems to make enough flash to buy cars as an alternative to paying outrageous taxi fees and will simply just take the shuttles.

It's a slippery slope between balancing convenience items and having cash on hand to make big RP-driven decisions that involve and require a big cash flow.

For me personally I try to do what is right for my char's sense of materialism and what I think I can best use to support Rp/Plots and other less active/fortunate players.

Not sure what my point is, I just hope this has the desired effect and doesn't just make people turn to using shuttles exclusively.

It's a slippery slope, but I would rather create a demand for vehicles, or for player drivers, or for the potential to RP on the lev or at the station, PLUS get people out of there cubes and exposed to potential RP / dangers, then have people zipping around in basically free taxis that do nothing for the game.
I agree with you there, I'm just a little worried about being financially crippled by gas prices so I'm a little biased here.

I guess i'm just struggling with the concept of having to think about filling my tank with gas before I put my flash in the hands of another player who has something I want.

So it's a non-issue I guess!

I think that I've fixed the aerocab problems. They seem to be working for now anyway. The prices on these have also been adjusted and they're just slightly above what the taxis charge, like before.

Getting to BLUE level requires using an aerocab or a personal bike/car/aero or dodging traffic if you're that good. The CHEX taxis won't travel there because of how the Express Tubes are configured.. or not configured. They were not lengthened like all the other tubes, so each room goes up by 5 rooms so to speak. Basically the coordinates are throwing off the taxis' ability to find a proper route. Aerocabs skip this process now by traveling up through the airspace between levels.

You'll notice two new skywalks (still need descrips) on green and blue. I put these in place to facilitate the movement of the aerocabs. You may also jump off of them if you wish, although remember to expect possible repercussions for doing crazier things on higher levels.

As always, if you run into a problem while using any of these features or come across something that should not be happening, please @bug it! I saw players run into multiple issues the other night and not one @bug was sent in.

FS you mentioned Bikes....are motorcycles working in game once again?
Also, heard tracking devices may be operational again IC. That true?
I'm pretty sure tracking devices have been consistently working in-game...they just kinda suck.

Bikes aren't coded into the vehicle system, therefore can't be repaired amongst lots of other fun issues...but they work and seem to be in quite the abundance yet fundamentally outside of the realm of any skills usable with other vehicles.

Reefer pretty much got it there. Bikes are functional in getting from A to B, but not fully integrated into our current code vehicle. They are still buggy and not everything works, but they will get you around the city.

Let's not sidetrack the topic, but tracking devices have always worked. The problem, which is really an IC problem or perhaps not the best use of code, lies with them using the SIC network, so if either the tracker or beacon is in a deadzone, you're not going to get a result. Another issue is things that are in rooms that do not have their proper coordinates set.