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Capital punishment!
...because someone needs to die for this...

I doubt many of you have failed to notice wonky capitalisation in various messages, specially in relation to disguises and short descriptions (ie: a helmeted man walks in from the east.)... Well, it's time to wage war on them.

I think (THINK) I've fixed the ones on exits and entrances, at least the default ones... any custom exit messages may still need fixing.

I'm in the process of writing something that will hopefully fix every seat in the game (sit/stand messages), but it'll need to be validated and run by FS as it'll automatically re-write all the current seating messages... which has potential to go horribly wrong.

So, I want you good folk to report bad capitalisation. Specifically, I need to know the full message you saw, where you saw it and what you or the person who generated the message did to trigger it.

(One exception, when in a vehicle, I'm not interested in any message you see that beings "Outside, ". There's no easy way to fix them because of the way they're passed into vehicles.)

NB: Report them in this thread please - I don't want to clutter up @bugs or @typos with them.

Pose, emote, say, to and ooc should all now be properly capitalised if you're wearing a disguise.

ie: A small fat wanker waves at you.
instead of
a small fat wanker waves at you.

I have a fix in the pipe for the appearance of disguised people in room descriptions, but need to test some other things first.

Please report any issues. It would also be useful if you could report any instances of erroneous lower-case lettering.