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Cell phones
Reach out and touch someone...


(Edited by Rastus at 3:51 pm on June 5, 2002)

can you finally tell -WHO- is on the other end of the phone? I think it is silly to have them hidden. I can call up Luc and say I am Gerik and get him to a place to kill him again if I wanted, and noone is the wiser. But frankly, Nic does -NOT- sound like Gerik.
That's Johnny's call and he's adamant it should stay anonymous... direct complaints to him ;)
Oh. Okay then.

Hey Johnny, whats your cell number, I'll ring you up and pretend to be Rastus. Lets see if you can tell the differance.

If you want to disguise your voice you need little voice mod devices. Then you can hide who you are on the phone. Make those as illegal upgrades on the gridphones ingame. Gives those players somethign to spend there millions on. Also means the idiocy of a disgused called on a cell phone is gone.

Oooh, this one was actually useful...


Owell... :cool:

(Edited by Rastus at 3:50 pm on June 5, 2002)