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Character Generation Updates
Small updates to make the process easier

Hey All -

I spent some time to day going through character generation and cleaning up the interface and messaging a bit. Nothing big, but hopefully the updated messaging (including pointing to help files more often, and pointing to the video tutorials at the start) makes the character generation experience cleaner and easier to use.

I am VERY interested in feedback from new players or those who have recently gone through character generation about how we can improve the process over all. I don't want to revamp the whole thing but if there were places that you found confusing or where you think we could be better surfacing help files or video tutorials, please let me know via this thread!

-- S

Are you still looking for tbis?
Of course! Any feedback you can give is more than welcome :)
Okay! So... some of the things I would bring up have stat related information. How should I convey that?
You can email us at [email protected] and just mention you didn't think it was suitable for the BGBB.
If it's not already, @access should be one of the first things mentioned for our players who rely on screen readers.
I don't know that we have the ability to detect that but a reminder in our reminder queue for new players and maybe a mention in chargen could be useful. Thanks for the feedback!