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Clothing Damage
patch your pants before they get knocked off you.

Your clothing can now be damaged in addition to armored defenses it may possess. When the armor has been defeated and its going to damage you, the weapon is given an opportunity to damage your clothing.

As damage accumulates, you'll see the battle damage show up on your clothing. At a certain point, it will start warning you that its looking like it might fall apart if you're not careful. At some point after this warning, further damage or just trying to wear the clothing will risk having it fall apart entirely.

So take your things back to your tailors. Ask them to patch your damage up. It won't look pristine, but it will hold it together better!

(Lenny needs to back to his tailor.)

No more jackets that have been worn by killed people for 17 years!
Really cool addition to the game. Great job and idea.
Ok but how does patching work, as a tailor? I've found the command for it, but can't seem to actually fix anything. I've checked help tailoring and tried help patch, help patching, and help armor, and can't figure out how to patch something, which seems like a simple enough skill that my character especially would already know how to do, so it'd be ooc for him to ask around how to do it.

TL;DR- How does patching work?

When patching something up, you require something to make the patch.
Yes, I'm aware. But does it have to be something specific? I've tried buying material and dyeing it the same color as the thing I'm patching, then tried "patch with ", but it just says "You do what you can" and doesn't really fix it.
Sounds like the problem is with your skill or stats, but I don't know for sure.

If you have the material, that should be it as far as I'm aware.

But I have pretty high stats in my artistry skill.
It does fix it.

It's just not fixing it as much as you would like it to. There's still more damage, you see.

So ShinMojo, just keep using "patch x with y" till it shows up healed? Because I'd think that if that were the case, Y would've disappeared from my inventory. Also, I've used it at least 10+ times in a row now.
I've had the same problem as anthononymous.
You only paid attention to half of what Euclid said.

You're failing the skillcheck.

It's entirely possible you've encountered a bugged item, but yes, in my experience material resources are limited and consumed.
It's possible to have the skill and still fail to make it work. This has happened to me for reasons I can't say but yeah. Frustrating :P
I couldn't be failing the skill check though, my skill in that area is quite high.
Spamming UE into a skill is not the only, or necessarily even the best, way to get better results out of trying to use the skill.
Does it have to be the same material as the original garment?
You're wrong.

Before I understood how stats were affecting what I was trying to do with one character at one point, I had a skill well over curve that was completely unusable because the stat it was using had been left untouched.

A lot of people fail to understand the stat and skill relationship. I did, too. I think there was a PSA about this a while ago, because I feel that a lot of people fall into this trap.

Oh neat!

This sounds similar to what wrenching does. (maybe some other things.)

Thx for the data.


Artistry: Grandmasterbadassmotherfucker


cmsg For all the time I've spent making clothes, I've never been attached to a pair of pants as much as I am these ones. I don't want to mess things up and make matters worse. Would someone who is experienced with patching things be willing to make sure I'm doing it right?

It's not OOC at all.