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Colorful Clothing
including black!

You'll begin to notice basic clothing (not material objects) take on various colors as we integrate some new code. If something you wear changes to an unacceptable color, please let us know and we'll edit it back for you. Once we've got a critical mass of clothing supporting colors, we'll be releasing a tool to let you change the color (and other properties) as you (or your neighborhood skilled merchant) see fit.
A sizable amount of corpie clothing, all shrouds & actual hoodies and some other clothing items have been upgraded to support this new color system. Please don't ask for a black or brown shroud (or one of the rare white ones), all shrouds have been replaced with the new ones and these aren't eligible for the 'not in my color' trade-in program. :)
All Clothing Depot clothing has been upgraded to support various colors. I fixed a number of types and illlogical things, but all in all, its still the same cheap crap, but now it comes in more colors. :)
I'm really liking the new colorful descriptions on people. Thanks very much for adding this to the game.
You say that now, wait til the NPCs start ratting out the guy in the bright green glasses with the purple raincoat instead of 'Frank'. ;)
I think they should have been doing that anyway with just the descriptions. But it seems to stand out a lot more. I hope thats what starts happening will make it easier to identify disguised people.

Now only if there was a better way to uncover those stealthy people who live in the shadows!

Thanks again!

But there is. You just got to spend the chyen to get it :-P
Oh I saw how that works if we're speaking about the same stuff. It doesn't actually let you uncover the person though.
Aye, cyberware version of said technology needs a revamp.
We talking about thermographic devices? What is it they should do?
So, first of all, I have to say, the new tailoring system is pretty sweet.  Props on that.  There is one odd thing I've noticed though.  I made a jacket that covers the entire body and arms and in weighs 1.0 kilograms.  Then I made a pair of gloves that only cover the hands yet weigh 1.5 kilograms.  Even if my character is misjudging their weight some cause of code, it still seems that the jacket should weigh more than gloves.
Just thought I'd share.  Don't know if this was missed, or if it just hasn't been put into the code yet.
Material is now available in the game again!

Available at all 3 malls, dispensers sell 5 different kinds of material for your tailoring needs. This also means that you have to tailor all your custom clothing in order to wear it again. 'help tailoring' can explain more, but the basics are that you need to @finalize what you want to wear.

Play with these changes, discuss.

Oh, and avoid trying to sell your creations at the market for now, as all the material clothing is still considered 'crap', but I just haven't gotten to making the needed changes yet. :)

Clothing stores (with the exception of the Clothing Depot) now let you try on clothing with the new VizWhiz Holoquin Terminals installed at all clothing boutiques. Safe, hygienic and free to use, know what it will look like on you before you buy it!
Two things.  

First: If a scavenger person asks you to find them 'purple nexus mirrorshades' any mirrorshades will do.  This is applicable to any colored clothing.

Second: @see-thru <clothing> will make any piece of clothing 'see thru' meaning the things/nakeds below it will show up.  This is useful for jewlery and mesh and other stuff that may not completely cover a part of a body.