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Combat Change :: Parrying update
Read this if you care about parrying

Parrying has been around a long time and has undergone some much needed balancing. There are several factors that play into how well you parry.

1. The weapon

2. Your skills in various things

3. Your posture in combat

However, unlike dodge which takes into account how many people were attacking you, and penalizes you for being attacked by lots of people-- parry did not. That has now changed.

You will receive a small penalty for each person who is attacking you. The more people attacking you, the higher the penalty will stack, making it harder for you to parry.

This is a relatively minor tweak to the code but it could have implications for large fights, especially ones where the 'tank' would run in first and attack, drawing all the enemies to attack them, and then everyone else came in, went kamikaze and wiped the foes out.

That tank better have some ace armor, because they won't be parrying at the same insane level they were before. It was a good strategy and can still be implemented, but it will have to be done with more care and thought than it was previously.


-- S

So, how about an update to how nonpuppeted NPCs act in group combat. Last I knew, and correct me if I'm wrong or it has changed, if group A walk in to attack group B, group B would by default focus only on the first attacker of group A, even if other attackers from group A targeted different members of group B.

I'll give an example to clarify: Joeboy and Goat Ninja walk on thug A and thug B. Joeboy attacks first, going for thug A. Goat Ninja jumps in, attacking thug B. However, both thug A and B are just going to focus on Joeboy. Wouldn't it make more sense for thug B to turn to face Goat Ninja?

I know group combat is crazy and hectic, even more so than normal combat, but it would make more sense for a group of gangers to focus on different attackers rather than all five wailing away on one guy while the rest of the attacking group takes shots at them.

I don't know how hard this would be coded of course, but it would also prevent the meta of sending one guy in as the tank and have him just focus on not getting hit, while the rest of your group picks of the defenders one by one.

Hey Geks -

You are right! This is definitely a thing that happens. Mainly it is due to the nature of the way combat works. We don't know at the start of a fight if it's against one person or many persons, due to not being able to classify the actions of players (or even NPCs) that are in the room that haven't already joined in combat. is us taking a step in the right direction when it comes to intelligent combat. There are lots of improvements to be made, but we now have, at the core of responding NPCs, a better system for dealing with these things.

That's not to say the issue you presented is resolved, just that we have a better foundation for addressing it in the future.