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Combat Postures [IMPORTANT CHANGE]
Postures now take time to take effect

Hey Everyone -

We've made some updates to the way combat works from a posture perspective.

In the OLD days, you could change posture at will, with no delay. This led to people attacking in kamikaze, and going guarded to defend, then going kamikaze again, all in a single combat round. The fastest typer won.

Then we updated that to make posture changes took effect only after a combat round had passed. It was still possible to game this a bit though.

We've now made an update that does two things:

1. When you change posture, everyone see's that you're 'moving to a new posture' even before that posture takes effect. This lets people react to your shift, instead of guessing at it.

Zenigra begins repositioning himself into a more kamikaze stance.

Bob begins repositioning himself into a more guarded stance.

Then when the change takes effect you see the normal:

Bob backs and covers, defending himself.

2. Postures are a progression now. If you are offensive and you want to go guarded, you can still do 'posture guarded' but upon the next combat round you are going to be switched to 'neutral' and the round after that to 'defensive' and then after that, finally, to guarded.


Current Posture: offensive

posture guarded

Zenigra begins repositioning himself into a more guarded stance.


Zenigra attacks.

Zenigra holds his ground, weighing the situation. [shift to neutral]


Zenigra attacks.

Zenigra backs and covers, defending himself. [shift to defensive]


Zenigra attacks.

Zenigra backs off completely. [shift into guarded]

This adds a layer of strategy to combat that we didn't have before. It also prevents people from gaming the system by going from SUPER DEFENSE to SUPER OFFENSE right away.

It opens the door for us to do some interesting things with regards to the steps it takes to go from one posture to another (these aren't implemented and are just teasers of where we might take it):

* create cyberware that lets you change postures faster.

* allow weapon specialization to make switching postures faster.

* drugs allowing you to change posture faster

* MA specialization allowing you to change postures faster.

* Other things of that nature.

Even without those additions, Cerb and my testing found combat to be more fluid, easier to follow, and interesting.

It may take a bit of getting used to, so i recommend if you are a combat character you do some sparring practice (perhaps with the new spartek weapons) and get a feel for it. We wholly expect this to shift combat strategy a bit, especially for those of you who have been using the kamikaze/guarded combo to your immediate advantage.

For those of you unfamiliar with postures, 'help postures' and 'help advanced-combat' for more information on how these work. This is a great time to get more accustomed to this code. Postures help win battles!

If you encounter any bugs, please xhelp. This is new code and there could be edge cases we missed in our testing.


-- S

I have a few questions, although some of it I'll just have to see in practice.

1. How does grappling fit in? Grappling can be a strong offensive maneuver. Can people do that while guarded to have offense and defense in one? What about disarming?

2. This seems like it will force the aggressor to stay offensive. If you attack someone of roughly equal skill level, you start aggressive, they start defensive. They move toward guarded. You move towards kamikaze to offset this. Makes sense. But what if you move towards guarded instead? You soak a few counter-attacks to get more defensive, now you're both turtled for whatever reason. It seems silly but we see double turtling a lot in forced fights, like the UMC.

How will either character get out of this situation? They'd have to eat four counter-attacks to try to get back to kamikaze. Will they be able to stop attacking and then start again to switch back to aggressive without getting hit in the process?

I'm excited to see how it works, thanks.

Don't take this the wrong way but I am not going to answer these questions. They are a prime example of FOIC. Train yourself how to react in combat and sparring.
One note on mechanics.

If you are in the midst of a posture progression and grapple or are grappled, they progression is paused until the grapple is released or broken and then it will automatically resume.

Is there a way to cancel the progression, if you change your mind? Or do you have to wait for it to go all the way and then change back? Or is this a FOIC thing too.
Pinning this idea thread about these changes here so this post stays consistent with questions and feedback about the changes.


From 'help posture':

"You can change your mind halfway through a progression and 'posture ' to start shifting to that posture instead, or 'posture ' to decide to stay on your current posture."

This only works if you are not grappled/grappling.