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Condition and you
Slight change

I made a slight mod to your @condition settings.

They will continue to function as per the normal, however, you will need to reset any messages that you previously had set.

Among other things, the messages will now be cleared upon death.

@condition is now admin only. It was being used for something that can be conveyed via the more commonly used @look_place. We will set an @condition on you to convey a general medical state (e.g. limping, covered in a rash, etc) that is more persistent than the more automatic health states.

Feel free to xhelp anytime you've done some RP that you feel warrants a change to your medical condition. We'll try and use it where appropriate on our own, but feel free to ask too!


Aw..I liked my condition being a big ball of sexy. You know what else would be neat? Is if somewhere your Charisma affected something you could see. I know that it's used in conjunction with certain skills and whatnot but if say for instance, a dancer had horrible charisma it'd show up or something? I don't know where I'm going with this. But there, the idea is thrown out there.

OMG!!! Charisma should totally effect more things...I recall being a sexy beast and it having it minimal effects besides gangers remarking on the size of my phallus. I love Iga...

But yeah, Charisma...half-useless stat number 34.

Oh oh, how about a message being sent to other players like:
"%N is so sexy you can hardly stand it anymore"

Something like that.

Oh how about being able to tell when someone smells like shit.

Smelly Killian walks into the bar but is still oozing sexy.


Ah, I see you went on a posting spree...very nice.

Oh, and what is charisma even used for skill-wise? I can't even imagine anything. Looking at the list, trading seems to be the only logical one.

I count over 10 in-game uses involving charisma. Many involve money.

Righto. Yer the boss, after all. :P