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Counting Rats
New way to count and bit about rats

So, the 'count' command has been upgraded to let you count anything now. This can be useful for dealing with situations where you have more than one of the same thing.

Speaking of this, some of you are all too familar with the hungry rats of the gold sewers. Add to this today, the red sewers will also have rats. Consider it a 'known thing' that the sewers have rats.

~ J

Woohoo...more targets....thanks Johnny.

Van! Van eetsy beetsy leetle sewer rat!
Too! Too eetsy beetsy leetle sewer rats!
Tree! Tree eetsy beetsy leetle sewer rats!
I laav eet, Ah! Ah! Ah!

I can count too. One, two, four, so what?  Count these rocks bi'otch (umm, you get the idea, but I'm not sure how you actually spell it).
Cool, I was count corpses earlier.

Rats... I /hate/ rats... damned buggers eat anything alive, I'll tell yah!  Evil, fur covered things that are smart enough to parry weapon attacks.  They're from NIMH I tell, yah! NIMH!

These rats are Nihm on fuckin roids mano.

Size of a German fakin shep. Take a bite out of your arm and your lookin fo' a cybernetic replacement. Only thing keepin em at bay is they kill each other for food chummer. Take care when they be about boyo, cause they don be playin nicey-nice.