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Covering wounds
It's nothing, just a scratch

Wounds that you have on bodyparts covered by opaque clothing are no longer visible to others.

This is an interesting change. Can you go into a bit more detail about the implications?

Any way to make this only apply when people redress themselves?

Or, better, be defeaten by Forensics.

A gunshot or blade strike on a clothed body part should yield damage to the clothing item. If they're bleeding, you're still going to see that too. You just might not see the damage to their body.

Can you not see the gunshot or laceration through the damaged clothing?

Which I think is a great representation of the layman. Kroack raises a point about it seeming too easy to get this benefit for free, especially in the mix where people are prone to wear damaged clothing, and be covered in blood not necessarily their own (we're missing things like being able to see fresh wounds through damaged clothing, different types of blood spatters, whether the blood is spray from outside or heavy bleeding underneath, etc) --- but again, I think this is fine for the layman, and an adding a bunch of different 'tells' would be a ton of work. That said, I don't mind this change, I just feel like it's missing something... Like... What about those who are not the layman?

I suggested Forensics because it seems to make the most sense in line with those abilities. There is a body language to pain and different injuries manifest themselves with different physical characteristics - that even if you've covered up, an expert may pick up on. It could even oppose Disguise, and be an assessment tied to a command that takes some time to complete. The reason I suggest this is because I can see opportunities where, for instance;

This could lead to interesting RP where, despite showering and changing clothes, you have to be a bit more careful about your story of 'slipping while redecorating'. You can redress and show up, in great pain to that boardroom meeting you just have to attend after being shot in the gut during some shady, illegal dealing - but that Senior CorpSec agent who worked in criminal sciences may know better than to believe you've been under the weather and have severe cramps. If you're not a skilled actor, somebody with the know-how might just see through your story.

Of course, there's always the 'bullshit, lift up your shirt' route for the less savvy, but that isn't going to fly in every social situation - I think this suggestion opens up interesting avenues of RP and creates more nuanced situations than 'Covering up your wounds' being a one-quick-fix. It also awards the bullshitters for actually investing in their Disguise and the specialists who work in Forensics (or those who have prepared themselves in other ways).

In addition to the forensics vs disguise idea, it would be neat if damaged clothing didn't hide injuries.

This might also help squeeze painkillers into RP a little more often. If you've got a board meeting in five and you're gut-shot, popping a Dezraldin, changing your shirt, and going in like nothing is wrong might be pretty funny.

Re: Slither

This is part of a few other code changes toward making the methods of obfuscating your condition and identity a little more robust. Right now you can't see where your wounds are yourself, you need a partner to tell if they're covered, but I'm working on that as well.