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Cred Chips and Xo3
oh me oh my

Okay, here is a fast run down of what the coding staff have fixed/altered/built.

Cred Chips

They have been given a face lift interface wise.

Oh, and they work. Really. 100%. No confusion, no lost funds, no 'what the hell does this do'. Help file for use of the chips is in the works. So, all you corpies and semi-corpies... get those credchips, because you'll need them soon.

Stores will soon be set up to take chips for transactions. After that a system for limiting what stores take which kind of payment will be put in. It is all round the corner soon.

XO3 Change Over

A debate raged across the admin channels, a debate about the themly ness of a thin mesh suit protecting you like plate steel. Spider weave technology was countered with increases in bullet velocity. The 'Star Trek' explaination was countered with the 'Laws of Physics'. After three or four hours of debate, a decision was reached.

XO3 was not going to cut it.

So, from the ashes, like a phoenix arises the replacement for XO3. I present to you, XO5!

Okay, basic deal is this, we needed a more modular armour set, a suit made up of parts. XO5 is made up of various peices that all go over top of an environmental bodysuit. The bodysuit is basically the same as the XO3 battlemesh, with one MAJOR change. Rather than stopping physical damage, it stops 'ephemeral damage'. (heat, radiation, acid, electricity, that sort of stuff.)

Yes there is code for different damage types.

Over the body suit straps parts. Chest plates, vambraces, that sort of stuff. These parts are weak against ephemerals, and strong against physicals. If one wants to be covered from head to toe for all situations (ie: if you are in eSWAT or really cool in the mix) you have to wear all the layers.

What does this mean for you the players?

It means we are OOCly pulling XO3 from the game. If you have a set of XO3, or an XO3 helmet, let an administrator know and we will swap you for XO5. Trade in gets you the XO5 environmental bodysuit and the XO5 chest plate.

The rest of the parts you will have to find ICly.

Yes, XO5 is better over all than XO3 was. Any questions can be directed to xhelp.

Changes to Stealth

The following changes to stealth have been made:

1: You can not sneak into and out of vehicles.
2: Posing and Emoting now unhide you, like say, even if you are not seen posing or emoting.
3: The XO5 helmet now acts as a disguise similar to the shrouds. More helmets will be moved this way as time goes on.

Misc Fixes

A few dozen bugs with various things, ranging from combat to economy systems have been fixed.

As usual, with any of the above, please keep an eye out for problems and report any bugs with detailed notes on the situation and what promts any tracebacks or errors.

Very nice.
How credchips work at this time is detailed in help credchips


Cred's work very simply. Two people holding creds, the one doing the transfer needs to 'link cred to <person>' and that will setup the link. They will be prompted how much, and then it will transfer that much to the other person's account. Both chips need to be unlocked and in a non-deadzoned area. You can review the display AND review past transactions using the 'review' verb. Shocking chips can be deactivated by unlocking them, can simply re-lock them if you need to. If you steal a shocking cred chip, it will attempt to shock you. Watch out. (If you're hidden, it will reveal you.) Other than that, a system for buying items with cred chips topside is being worked out now.

Also note: The ProTek Proline helmet now disguises your features similar to a shroud. As does the Xo5 helmet.

RE: linking cred chips...

So the SIC network is what's used to handle communications of many different types, from identification by irritating holographic ads to your bank balance at your local branch - it's only marginally a communications network, and it's supposed to be a poor one at that...(*maybe there should be code to scramble or eliminate words from long sentences? like you only get to send a few words at a time?*)

1) ...but when transfering funds you actually have to physically link two chips. You have this little transfer coupler thing dangling off the chip... This seems a bit odd to me, considering everything else is wireless... why not make it so that each cred chip has it's own number or something, somewhat like todays credit cards, and make wireless transfers possible? So you would simply punch in the account number of the account you want to pay into. (*on a side note, I hope that in 2090 LCDs have been replaced by something slightly better..) In other words, you wouldn't have to be in the same room as a person if you had their number...of course unlike todays credit cards you wouldnt be able to use *just* the number (and exp. date), there would be some kind of hardware security device,probably biometric, on the chip itself.

2) Also a bit odd, is that despite the name 'cred chip's, as in credit, as far as I understand they don't actually give you credit.. as in, it's not like you receive a monthly balance and if you don't pay after a month you have to pay they're basically debit cards. Debit chips...not much of a ring to that i guess..

3) Another thing is the transfer system in place at the banks... so I want to transfer some money to an account, I have to know the potentially 'OOC' alias of the person I want to transfer the money to. This is somewhat awkward, especially if the ooc alias is never used by the person or is just a nickname or something. I think would be better if when opening up a bank account you were simply given an account number that corresponded to your details... and might even have to give a permanent address or something. This number could be the same or different from your cred chip number...

Just some things to consider.

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 10:03 am on Mar. 23, 2005)

1) Not the 'SIC' network. The 'GRID' network. SIC is just one aspect of a larger communications system within the dome known as the 'GRIDWORKS'.

The SIC chip itself is the primary biometric security device in Withmore City.

2) The reason for linking two BANK/ CREDIT CHIPS is for security. We are planning electronic transfers via Credchips. They are already possible via the terminals at the bank.

3) LCDs will most likely be replaced by photoluminescent foils, which are coming down in price. But LCDs are cheap, so I would imagine they would be all over the place, even in 2090.

4) Pick up a WSB Shocker 9, and witness the joy of security features.

5) Credit, as in 'Credit Cards' are in the works.

6) Transfering at banks: We are moving to a system of numbered accounts, probably. I can not say for sure, but eventually the 'name' of the 'person' will not be used.

You know what, I'd realy like to see Xo3 make a comeback... Not as the uber rare end all, be all amor, but like around WJF quality, I mean WJF armor don't really look all that much tougher other then the joint and boots... Plus it looked damn cool and it was reasonable to wear under clothes. Obivously it couldn't compare to Xo5, but the shit was sleek as hell. Plus it was nice to be deicently armord and not have everyone and there mother know about it. Like I said, it could never be the end all be all amor, but yeah... Plus it would be cheaper and more accesable for those that could only dream of owning a full set of Xo5...
Just one mans opinion.
It was very sleek, and wearable under clothes, and protected you well, which I think might have been the problem.  You could wlak around in a full suit of xo3, minute the helmet and no one would ever know.  This is a positive and a negative.  There is the positive that it was very sleek and stylish, which is CP in my opinion.  But the negative that you could wear clothes over it, there for cancleing out the sleek and stylish CP aspect and making it just armor that you could wear under your clothes.  

If xo3 were to make a come back, I think it would have to be scaled back alot.  Make it just a step above ProTek, but come in a full suit.  Also, I'm pretty sure that xo5 is one of those things thats 'always been that way', where characters don't remember they ever had xo3, they just remember they had xo5?  I could be wrong, but xo3, would make sense as a less protective, less expensive alternative to xo5.

xo5 is slightly better than WJF attack armour, which by the way is due for an overhaul as well.

The xo3 body suit was completely out of context. It's armour values for what it was were completely out of order, and in general it was felt by the staff that a neoprene suit wouldn't cut it for the level of protection it offered.

It was also pulled for the very reason you mentioned Lucien. If you want to be decently armoured, it shows. Think about it, you are working under the assumption that as technology grows, the protective ability of armour will grow. But what you are forgetting is that at the same time the kinetic impact power of fire arms will grow as well. If you want to stop bullets, you wear thicker plating. And that is not something you can conceal. You can drape a big ass cloak over yourself, but people are going to look at you suspiciously.

And, as a final point, Xo5 is BADASS. Xo5 is STYLISH. Xo5 is EXPENSIVE. If you are good enough and rich enough to OWN IT and TOUGH ENOUGH to KEEP it, you should be wearing it openly and arrogantly.

STYLE over everything else is a hallmark of Cyberpunk Culture.

If you want to run around with a neoprene suit on, just wear the xo5 body suit. It has basically the same description as the xo3, with altered colours and logos. It won't protect you as effectively as the Xo3, so be warned.

Point taken...
It'd be sweer if there were armor that only protected you from certain weapons. Like, an inexpensive bullet proof vest. Or ballistics helmet, or bullet proof butt plug.
It'd be sweer if there were armor that only protected you from certain weapons. Like, an inexpensive bullet proof vest. Or ballistics helmet, or bullet proof butt plug.
ear plugs for sonic grenades!