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Cybernetics Clinic Improvements
One of which has been around 12 years

Hey Everyone -

PDS Evaluation Fix

Mobius noticed that cyberdocs were getting incorrect 'chances of someone getting pds' when evaluated. This has been fixed. Instead of a characters current pds level being compared to the max pds level allowed, it's compared to that characters max pds level (depends on stats).

This results in more accurate readings for newer characters that haven't maxed out how much cyber they can handle.

Cyber Docs Evaluation

Cyber docs can eval patients but also cybernetics objects to see generally, how difficult it would be to install something. This code has been in place for 12 years and is somewhat unfinished. I have an update to it that I am running by Johnny. If he approves or sends it in another direction, this code will be getting some love today and I will update with results.

Okay! Further update.

If a cyberdoc is in a clinic and has a piece of cyberware on them (lets say a neural processor) they can do: eval neural

And they will spend some time evaluating the cyberware and be able to determine how difficult it will be for them to instlal.

If will also, if they have the requisite amount of skill, tell them what tool it would take to install the cyberware.

This result, similar to inspect, is cached for a time because it uses actual skill rolls, so you can't just evaluate something over and over getting different skill rolls to get slightly differing results.

I think this change will make it easier for new cyberdocs to learn their trade in an IC way and also let them gauge how successful they might be at an install through self evaluation.


It's aces, and caused a really cool IC moment. Thanks!
The evaluate code has been updated so that at even higher skill levels, a cyberdoc will be able to tell roughly how much a cyberware will increase the PDS level upon install.

If you pass the skill check you would see something like:

You can tell that CYBERWARENAMEREDACTED would increase the PDS level of a patient a small amount.