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Disguised Descriptions
Your @description when disguised is now preset.

From now on, all disguises will behave this way, forcing your description to a preset determined by the item in question. You won't be able to change it but you can still set your @shortdesc. We're looking to add more details about the disguise in the description, such as its name and color

Keep in mind that both the shortdesc and the description should be used to try to figure out if you know who someone is. Be reasonable. Disguises are very common and the city is crammed full of people, so it's not reasonable to be certain about who anyone is with a functional, generic disguise on unless something is an IC giveaway. You'd be surprised how easily you can make a wrong OOC assumption anyway. The tools we give you are not a license to be meta.

With that said, your build and gender will remain in your shortdesc and we don't plan to remove them or replace them with neutral adjectives or nouns. On the other hand, manually changing your @shortdesc is part of how you can make it that less likely that someone will guess who you are.

I'll be working on updating related helpfiles. Let me know if I miss any.

Please post your feedback and questions in this thread. :)

This is great, thank you! Really like how it changes with the item.
This has been a long time coming! Great work on it Meph!
Hey guys, I'd like to suggest a tweak on this system regarding how the health conditions show on your "look" message when you are disguised. When you reach a certain level in a stat, it becomes "spectacular", "magnificent", "miraculous" and so forth. Well, since there's only so few active PCs with magnificent and above, there's a small room for Meta following this indicator. Maybe default them to "excellent" when they're disguised, would help with this problem.
We're already working on applying this for SHROUDS/PONCHOS only, soon.
I can see it with Shrouds and Ponchos. Those are full body.

That's a good idea.