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Dispatcher: NPCs delivering crates
A bit more ambiance in your life


It is I, Slither. I've just finished up some code that allows NPCs to deliver crates. The NPCs that do this are your typical 'tourist' and 'corpie' NPCs that you see milling about on Red and Gold. These NPCs have lives and need money! Now they will sometimes go off and seek a crate delivery job. This happens for Red and Gold. Not dealing with crate runs to Green. Sowwy, that's tough to script. This has several benefits:

1. They will be paid for the delivery and thereby have some small amount of chyen on them which you can steal.

2. You can steal their crates and if you happen to know a guy, maybe that guy buys the crates. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll have to find out about it in game.

We now have a fair amount of ambient activities that NPCs can engage in:

1. Gang fights

2. Backup for ganger NPCs that get jumped

3. Healing ganger NPCs that request aide

4. Jumping off a skywalk when they get fired

5. Going to hangout at a bar and order a drink

6. Tagging rivals turf

This is awesome. My only question is should we be incentivizing crate theft from PC's over NPC's? It occurs to me the system is apathetic but should it be?
This isn't something that will happen ALL the time. We're talking once a day, maybe. Maybe not. Right now, the ambiance code runs every 4-6 hours, picks one of the ambiance verbs to run, and runs it. There are several of them, and some are more likely to happen (crates, tags) than others (corpie suicides)
I couldn't find the exact thread where the increased NPC code was implemented, so I thought I'd pop it in here. I recall seeing a fair amount of NPC's ordering drinks and stuff in bars withing the last six or so months. I may be imagining this, but I feel like since the Ganger Code was implemented I haven't seen this occur anymore?

Is it possible that the changes to bar-doors may have impacted NPC behavior? I can't quite put my finger on it but it feels like bars have different doors now, as in, they all charge, and you can't "look" through them.

Am I just imagining this? If I am, please ignore me.

I am a slut for more ambient code in the world. Anything and everything that makes Withmore feel more alive is always welcomed by me.

What I would love to see, would be more crime ambience though. Maybe now and then have an NPC mug an NPC outta nowhere then fuck off into the night, or just little things like that being more common in the mix to emphasize the ungodly crime rate.

Amazing. Also, finally those ambient SIC aliases saying they're jumping after being fired from Saedor will actually jump. :D
Em, this change is from 20018 and floored necroed it, kinda. This stuff already happens, NPCs actually jump, gangers help one another, etc.
Ya agreed, not only is this cool for ambience, in a way more stuff like this will help the smallworld mentality too me thinks.
Oh and this will definitely help stock up stores when no players are willing to run crates.
Oh shucks, it's necroed? Oops.
Then it should be done!

I saw a ganger memento order a drink the other day, and I see tourists going in and out of bars a lot.
I can't believe we accidentally necro'd this.
These have been happening for a year. Enjoy, but create new threads if this needs talks. Thanks!
It is actually possible that for some bars the new doors did fuck up the npc going in. I will check on this.