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Doors for you! Doors for everyone!


So it stood out to us that even if we handwave the ability to snipe in busy, high populated streets and such, finding your target and getting a beat on them long enough to hit them (which is a skill check, if you fail you can miss entirely or actually get a message that says you hit someone in the crowd and the difficulty scales on a population rating for the room)

Anyway, so we put automatic open/close doors on most Mix business to prevent people from being to stand rooms away and snipe into businesses and bars and such. You are better served waiting on the many nearby roof tops with the appropriate weapons designed for long range shooting or waiting for someone to open the door and taking advantage of the seconds you have to get a shot off.

It should require a bit more tactics, planning and luck to use your VERY effective high-powered sniper rifles to full effect in the busy mix.

We're looking into the possibility in coding in an exception to allow for flee to work on these doors since they realistically would open if you fled in their direction. Feng will need to look into that when he has some tonight or tomorrow or whenever he has it.

But for the time being you cannot flee through them, I suggest you try not to piss off other patrons, or maybe utilize disguise skill, and such. Yes, if you sneak, people will see the door open. So maybe time it on people going in and out.

More security comes with a cost of convenience.

We've come to the determination that automatic sliding doors seem too high tech for the filthy run down mix after further examination, and short of adding new code to make them wear down, break down, and require WCS to fix or verbs to pry them open, we're gonna go with an easier althernative.. So, we're putting on fee charging doors on the other bars that are susceptible to sniping and codedly making them impossible to snipe through, this should solve flee concerns, but you still need a sleaze in if you don't want to pay. We'll be whitelisting guests so their experience isn't interrupted, and the fees will be pretty low and ICly justified as passing the cost on to the customers.

Red's and Orifice are already all set.

Deji doesn't require a door.

Sly's and Drome will be getting fee charging doors with roughly 10 chyen door charges.

Should this be considered an IC thing? So like now everywhere with a sliding door has a cover charge, or more of a OOC fee for fixing someone else's door? Also the phrase is get a bead.
If you use your IC commands and type 'look' you'll realize that I removed the sliding doors and replaced them with Fee charging doors.

It's come to my attention that people aren't reading what I type.. My opening line in the second post says that the sliding doors are too high tech and we're going with an alternative.... >.>

Ah you are absolutely right, sliding door, or opening door, or whatever kind of door it is I think the fee thing is still a valid question? Maybe not.
I find it amusing dirty dives like the Drome and Sly's are charging covers.
While topside bars apparently don't have cover fees for the most cases, lol.
I think it's perfectly IC. In a place where millions of unemployed unwashed people live, you don't want your bar filled with freeloaders who can't even afford the price of one drink.
Alright, it's ten freakin' chyen, mano and monas. Are we gonna keep bringing this up for the rest of Sindome's life time?
Personally I tend to avoid places that charge an entrance fee unless I've planned to meet someone there, so whilst it's an inconvenience - it's only a trifling one. For instance, even a poor immy can afford to waste ten chy.. well, most of the time, anyway.
Is there going to be the possibility of sneaking past these entrances?
You can avoid paying if you can sleaze, but you can't sneak past a fee charging exit.
Ah that sucks, the cost isn't a problem but it means there'll be no sneaking in if people want to spy, they'd have to go in and hide before other players get there.

The new code also means you can't see if any other players are hanging out, so you'd have to pay to go inside and wait around a while, see if anyone comes along (or be a bit more outspoken on public SIC which isn't so discreet).

But this can all be worked around one way or another.

I'm not against the fee or anything. Ten chy is fine. But why not reskin those too fancy automatic doors to something more primitive?

Maybe change the messaging so that if I type "s" I get something like, "You push the rickety old door open and pass through to the south." Then a few moments later you get a message like, "The door to the north swings shut, creaking on it's hinges."

It might be closer to what you guys were originally aiming for. If not, ignore me!