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Down it! Down it! Down it!
Minor change to drinks.

You can now 'down' your beer and other bar drinks for the purpose of finishing it instead of having to drink it 5 times in a row.


This is in answer to this idea
Heh..acquited of all 73 charges...that's funny shit...NAMBLA, hehe.

Oh yeah, and this idea is great. Wondered how long before the 'drink' messages spamming every which way got answered to.

Sindome, development at the speed of fat-lazy guys!
Don't forget the pointy shoes. Fat lazy guys in pointy shoes.

Is it possible to get drinks that you automatically slam like tequila? I'd be happy to take a poll to see how many people actually sip their tequila like it does in the game. I know I don't and Lucien's player and I have had this conversation before, which if I remember right he doesn't either.

Yeah, and Lucien knows how to treat tequila properly!
I don't know about you, but I so do not have pointy shoes. mean the heels...

Earthworm Jim has no feet to put shoes in. And the integrated shoes/boots thing are of a space suit variety, in style at least. I don't think they are pointy, but but yeah, his head is *grins*. You could by a stilleto *gets his coat*

It's a good addition; the spamy unrealistic string of messages to down a drink were bad, and now are no more. Great.........oh I don't play anymore *shrugs* *reads a particular fanfic*

Yes he does Miriam, but now that I think about it, he really don't drink it anymore. Hrrmmm... I wonder why, perhaps I should ask him some time.;)
The down could have a distinct description like "He gulps his drink and slams the glass on top of the table, with a distorted face"

it would be more realistic.

Damn you Xeethot, I was just coming to post something to that effect, you suck.

Ohh well, but to be compleatly serious(Yes, it is possible), I find that to be a rather good idea, in cases where drinks are several drinks, but what of thos that actualy are one or two dirinks. I Just mean that in such a case, you wouldn't be sitting there gulping a shot, now would ya?

That's my 2 cents for now... Do I get change back for that? Tee hee... :wink:

                                      Hasta peoplez,

That was worth 1.5 cents, I'll pay you for it if you give me half a penny back.
Deal. *holds up half a penny* Now, where is my penny?
Yeah...and then you could make it so when you down to many in a row, you puke all over the person next to you....that'd be fun.
I think that would be cool to see, as long as I wasn't the guy next to you.  It could also add to their description the line at the end:
<pronoun> is covered from head to toe in vomit.

Heh, that would be cool.

A small LED board appears in the air in front of you, across it's digital face scrolls a messages from Johnny
He pages, "...this is so freaking wierd, I can't keep doing what I'm doing to get around this"

Quote: from Molochai on 12:57 am on Oct. 19, 2002[br]Yeah...and then you could make it so when you down to many in a row, you puke all over the person next to you....that'd be fun.

What, and base how many is too much on Endurance?

Yeah, or just based on how much food you've consumed that day....or just puke on em for the hell of it.  It'd start up all kinds of interesting RP.


hahah... base it on how much food you had?

i think 99% of the chars would puke after one drink then...

I'm with Bias on that one.  And once fatigue is coded hopefully eating daily will become a necessity.  Not that I'm talking shit, I used to eat at least once a day, but I've gotten l;azy with that and it's down to maybe once or twice a week
But what if you haven't been on in a couple of weeks, wouldn't you be pretty much unable to walk?
I don't think it would be fair to penalize those who haven't connected. You'd be put into a 'hungry state' but you wouldn't be starving. You'd have to not eat during that time when you woke up to be starving the next time you connected.

I should write this down somewhere ....