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Drug Addiction / Withdrawals
Some changes and improvements

So.  So many of you little bastards have complained about the way drugs work that I've made some changes.  There were two different systems in place.

One was the system we had before I started coding.  The other was the system I created because the old system wasn't doing what it was supposed to.

However, they were still functioning independently.  The old system handled if you became addicted to drugs.  The new system handled withdrawals from drugs.

Under the old system pretty much anytime you took a hit from anything you became addicted.  Under the new system any time you took a hit you would get withdrawals.

The old system had the ability to NOT make you an addict when you took a hit but the score you would have to roll was very high.  I have reduced the score needed to not become an addict.

The old system also took into account how much of the drug you had been taking before deciding to make you an addict and now that the score is lower, you will usually not get addicted the first few times around, depending on your stats.

I have now tied the two systems together so that if you are not addicted to the drug you will not experience withdrawals.

I have also made it so if you're addicted to something it defintiely shows up in your @stats and if you are withdrawing from something it does as welll.

Please bug any problems / discrepencies and complain about any of the changes or offer me exceptional praise for my hard work here, on this thread.
Please @bug any weirdness.

exceptional praise given!  I always hated getting crazy withdraws after taking a hit of some TH or something.    I likey I likey!!
Please keep an eye on when you appear to get addicted to stuff.  It's hard for me to test with my bit or with my character, given how fast you get addicted is stat based.. so if you are a middle-be who seems to be getting addicted after the first hit of something.. post it on here so I can track and tweak.

Also, if you take a hit of something one day, and another the next, it is still cumulative.  However the 'tolerance' I suppose we will call it does expire after awhile, I wont say how long, but it's more then a week and less then 10 weeks.  I believe it also depends on the drug.

Okay everyone, today I tied in a piece of code that we had laying around for drugs.  It involves come downs.  Most drugs have after effects.  Basically, what happens after the drugs wear off.

Different drugs have different effects lasting different amounts of time.  

Taking more of the drug can offset the effects but it won't eliminate them.  Some drugs have a short after effects time, some are longer.

This code needs tweaking.. it's not 100% yet, so if you notice weird shit.. let me know or just @bug it.

Also, Nevadone wasn't working properly.. it's effects had a 0 time limit so they were applied then expired right away.

I fixed that.

I also added a new, ultra rare drug to the game.  Have fun finding it :)

Since the implementation of the comedown code, I'm seeing stat decreases in perception and now endurance that have steadily gotten worse. We're talking two or three levels for each over the course of time sense the code implementation, and I haven't altered or changed the amount or frequency of the chem my char takes. �Any idea if this has something to do with the duration of the chem? �Please look into this, thanks.
Has anyone else developed long-lasting stat penalties due to drug use since the implementation of this code?  I've had negative penalties in a number of stats for nearly four days now due to mrc usage by my character.  The issue also developed with stats associated to th-2c use as well.  The issue has been @bugged and I'd say this is a pretty moderate issue for some players, myself included. Can someone please look into this?
Yeah, I'm with Grim on this one. I'm getting the same long-term decreases on the same stats. It's pretty much a constant thing. I mean, it doesn't matter if I continue to use, or if I go without, the decreases remain. I definitely feel like this is a major issue, not just moderate. I mean new code sounds great, if it works right. I'm not against this code, but it should do what it's advertised to do. Unless I misunderstood, and it is in fact meant to give my char a constant stat penalty, then this code is not doing what it's supposed to do. It's almost as if it's applying cumulative penalties for each use of the drug. I mean, like Grim said, it's pretty substantial decreases in the stats associated with mrc usage, as well as v. It's to the point where it is becoming rather detrimental to my char's well being. Please, I say again, please take a look at this code.
Penalties seem to have cleared up as of 5:20 AM CST. Dunno if this was a code fix or the comedowns running their course.  Any word on this?
I don't know what time it happened, but yeah, everything's cleared up on my end too. Can't imagine the comedowns ran their course for both of us at the same time. I'm guessing the code was either fixed or taken out until it is.
Code fix thanks to all you guys giving me feedback on the problem.  Basically, I was using the .elapse property instead of the .after_elapse property.

There for items were expiring from your RP_INFOs before the effects wore off and therefor there was a loop where in you kept getting the come down over and over and over.

Quick question concerning withdrawals. My char hasn't used the drugs he was using in almost a week now, and was experiencing some withdrawals for a minute there..  still says I'm addicted to the drugs on my @stats but haven't had any withdrawals lately, since about the time of the code fix. Is that normal or something to do with the change in code?
There is some inconsistency between withdrawals and addictions.  please @bug this.
Alright, so...  just a little griping on my part. I'm not exactly fond of the way drug withdrawals are working. The little scripts that pop up at the most inopportune times are what bother me the most.  I understand the concept behind them. I mean we can't expect everybody to RP things the way they should, especially when it's something negatively affecting their char, but with that said, I don't find it very IC for my char to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat because they haven't had a hit in awhile. Example: I'm speaking with an NPC, one who my char does not know, and I'm attempting to talk biz. All of a sudden, in the middle of what I would consider a serious convo, mind you it was one-way, my char goes off on a drug withdrawal script, spitting on this gun-toting NPC. Absolutely absurd in my opinion. I don't care how fuckin bad you want a hit, and I speak from experience on this, being a reformed addict myself. You do not just spit on random gun-toting people...  YOU END UP SHOT THAT WAY! That's not gonna get you a fix. Now, some of the scripts are perfectly fine..  I've seen the shadows and stuff like that coming off of some hard shit before, but some of these things are just a bit out there. So, yeah. Just ranting, I don't really expect a change on this one cuz I know we can't trust everyone to RP their faults to the fullest, but I couldn't just let it go without saying something.  
If they bother you that much consider writing some new ones. The babble on script behind them is pretty simple. Of course, there is the obvious alternative of staying pretty consistently fucked up - which was the goal in order to spur the  drug economy.
Quote: from ReeferMadness on 9:52 pm on Sep. 27, 2010[br] Of course, there is the obvious alternative of staying pretty consistently fucked up - which was the goal in order to spur the �drug economy.


Well obviously the goal is to stay pretty fucked up. The problem comes in when you can't find what you're looking for. Hence, withdrawals. I have no problem understanding that. I'm just saying some of the ones we have in use right now aren't very realistic, to me. I think I still have access to the scripting forum. I'll read up on the babble-on and see what I can come up with.
The exact code used is posted here. Realistic is questionable...the concept of the drugs in Sindome is that they are exponentially more powerful then their modern day counterparts. However, I can totally understand your perspective. I do recall some of the drug withdrawal symptoms I wrote freaking out players enough so that I had to redo them. :bugeyed:

Regarding drug supplies...I'd complain to your local chemists and fixers.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 7:20 pm on Sep. 28, 2010)

As of this post: if you were addicted to a drug, you may find you are no longer addicted to it.

This was due to incorrect code in the nice dreams vending machines selling you an incorrectly configured drug. This was the cause of the double addiction notices in @stats, so some of you who had 2 of the same will now just have the one.

Consider this some miraculous recovery from your addiction if you've been benefited from this. :)