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Drug Overdose
a general service announcement

Drug Overdose is not currently coded.

Players who are using multiple doses of combat stims, street drugs, and stim patches currently do not have a coded weakness, but they do get benifits. We are in the process of fixing that. In the mean time we will be maunally doing spot checks on players.

If your characters' stats have been affected to the point of Overdose, we will apply damages to hitpoints, or even death, depending on the severity of the situation.

We can not keep tabs on you all the time, so any massive use of drugs, like downing an entire bottle of v-202 before getting into a fight, will be seen as an OOC violation as well as exploitation of a loop hole. You may find your character injured, loosing stats, or dead. In addition, you may be voided or newted for a given ammount of time depending on the infraction severity.

Should players continue to abuse drugs, they will be pulled from the game, with no refunds to any players who loose income due to the removal of drugs. Drugs will stay out of the game until such time as a coded system is in place to control overdose effects.

This is a general announcement to the entire player base about a known loop hole and situation. You all now know what a problem is, I expect to see the loop hole avoided until we can fix it.

Game on.

"Don't Do Drugs..."


Since theres no coded system for overdoses and all, could you give a general idea of whats too much?  I understand a vial of V-202 is alot, and you would probably implode.. But how about two hits, or three hits?  

What about the other drugs like th-2c?  I mean, its a joint right?  But it seems like every puff does something to your stats.  So.. smoking the entire thing is out.. because its such a powerful drug... So how much is IC for that?

I think -some- of the problem may be the fact that people don't know exactly what to much -is-, or are unaware of the fact that drugs in 2089 are much, much stronger then the drugs of today..

So like I said, maybe just a general idea of where a normal person would be OD'ing.

TH-2c does something to stats?!?!

Never noticed, but -that- is just a joint, and my guy smokes them all the time.

But yeah, a general Idea of "what is to much" would be nice.

Shit I just used TH-2c as an example.  Maybe i'm thinking jackel pipe.  I mean, i'm used to smoking a joint.  Or smoking a bowl.. But maybe I'd be OD'ing if I lived in 2089.. I dunno.. and thats what I think we need to know.
Okay, like in any human being, the effects of drugs are dependant on the makeup of your body. So too with your character.

The effects of bubblers and th-2c is not that heavy unless you have really piss poor stats, there is ingame indications of what the drugs do, how they work, the kind of highs you get, and the kinds of lows. It is on the grid, and available by simply asking your dealer.

Nem: if you think taking three hits of a combat stim is a good idea, feel free to try it. I dunno, I'm not you.

I do know that if your character was facing a firefight, and wanted an edge you may try three hits. But there is a chance that it will kill you. That is the cost of edge. I can not give you a number of hits that are good or bad. It is all dependant on your character, the stats, and the other chemicals in your system.

Basically you have to use your best judgement as you can. �It isn't actually that difficult.

[edit] I forgot to note this: There are negatives to the drugs, we do have coded 'DOWNS' and 'Downtimes' that effect fatigue, stats, and healing rates, as well as a few other things. SO there -ARE- negatives. Just not -NEGATIVES for OVERDOSE-.

This is kind of a difficult thing to come up with on your own, especially if you have higher-than-average stats. �If your endurance is high as shit, then would three hits of v-202 really be as lethal as to the average person?

Maybe not. �Maybe it shouldn't even affect you as much. �I've just thought of this. �But that would then kind of piss some people off, no doubt. �But maybe its how it should be.

Would defiantely give players with lower stats an edge (unless they took too much and OD'd), but yeah. �Hrm. �Interesting to think about this.

EDIT:  Well shit.

(Edited by Aikao at 3:32 am on Nov. 14, 2004)

I think if this is -that- big of a deal to you and your doing this, or sitting around going "hey I've got a high endurance, maybe I can down 6 hits of V instead of 5 when your stats are higher than 80% of the moo anyway.    You -may- be a stat whore.    

Not directed at anyone in particular, just directed at mid-oldbies in general, including me, sometimes everyone has to stop and think about what they are doing.

Taking alot, simply to take alot is silly.  but there are other reasons why a character would take alot of V.
I still think that a whole vial is suicide. It'l like taking a bottle of painkillers or summit.
I'm not talking about a whole vial.  I'm talking about like 3-5 hits.  Also, I dunno if its a bug or not, but if you eat v-202 like 4 times in a row.. It doesn't do as much as eating it over the course of a minute or two.  Maybe the verbs are stacking up and modifiying the same stats over again or something, because the first verb hasn't finished.
I was merely making a comment and putting forth an idea for you all to consider.
real. ultimate. power.

Now in cherry flavour! V-202, your combat stimulant solution!

A few observations and suggestions.

If you need to take more than 2 doses of a combat stim �to have a chance, you're in the wrong fight. �Be smarter than that.

If it's recreational use and you use more than 2 doses at a time, you're a dumb shit who deserves whatever they get. �I've been on way too many drug oversose calls doing CPR on idiots who puke all over me to have much regard for anyone who thinks 'more is better' when it comes to drugs.

Having a medium to long term addiction may increase your tolerance, how ever, it would also reduce the effectivness of a given dose. �Usually, with tolerances it takes -more- to achieve the same effect. �Since tolerance isn't coded, RP it, and don't think that just because you've been taking drug x for 9 months that you can get all the benefits and none of the downside. �That's could be called twinky.

My suggestion is to figure out what is realistic for your character based on age, health, past usage, lifestyle, genetic makeup ...

In other words, decide on something reasonable and stick with it.

If you are having a problem deciding what's reasonable, e-mail or xhelp me or any of the other GMs. �We'll be more than happy to help on a character by character basis.

This way, when drug effects and overdoses -are- coded (and they will be) you won't be used to relying on massive amounts of drugs to do whatever it is you're trying to do.

Quote: from Jinkorei on 12:02 pm on Nov. 18, 2004[br]
This way, when drug effects and overdoses -are- coded (and they will be) you won't be used to relying on massive amounts of drugs to do whatever it is you're trying to do.




Just so everyone knows, because I've heard there is confusion on the matter.

Pep Pills and Stim Patches ARE PHARMECUTICALS. They are DRUGS. They can make you OVERDOSE just like V202.

Especially when mixing.

POWERBARS are not. They are food.

Questions about what is and isn't a drug, post em.

Is sex a drug?  Because you can be addicted to it.. and you can kinda overdose from it.. when you like.. have a heart attack or something..

But really, when you say pep pills you mean those caffeine type pills?

I mean the 'EVER-UP!' pills.

Caffine is a babies drug man. Christ, we already dump it into water today, do you honestly think that in the high tension uber corporate world of Sindome in the year 2089 that people will be using simple 'caffine pills' as a stimulant?

Jesus people. Get into theme. The Ever UP! pills are STIMULANTS. Amphetamines. SPEED! DRUGS ARE LEGAL IN WITHMORE CITY!

Stop acting like they are not.

And just so you know: YOU CAN OVERDOSE ON CAFFINE!

And Nemisis: You are banned from sarcastic comments about sex. *shudders at the mental pictures*

I think it'd be cool if said drug manufacterer could make there drugs wayyy to potent or simply poison for a person to take. Imagine say...

Chemist Axle HATES Addict Bianca...

but Addict Bianca pays well and whatever, so it slides UNTIL Fixer Chewbacca offer Chemist Axle a shitload of cash to tactically kill Addict Bianca.

Addict Bianca buys drugs...
Addict Bianca takes drugs...

Why are my eye bleeding? And hey...why is my heart beating so...


Be carefull who you buy your drugs from, kiddies.

I think it is bigger than just that... If drugs can be poison, soon somebody will want to put them in drinks and for what I know it is a lot of coding.
Someday?  I wont lie, people would be dropping like bombs at the start of the war in Iraq if you could slip stuff into peoples drinks.
There would need to be safeguards, like you look at your beer and notice that its green...wait...its not St. Patricks Day.

Tasteless, odorless, colorless poisons cost money...average dreg will just stick to bleach.

I think it'd be nice if you could do multiple instances of drugs, more specifically the ones that have really shitty durations.
Probably wouldnt be too popular, but what if drugs had a cumulative negative effect on the body.. so if you were a heavy user for a long period of time you eventually become all emaciated and boney like in real life. You take lots of Vee over a long period of time, your body eventually starts breaking down, you're muscles and shit start deteriorating from the excess artificial stimulus. Of course, you can go to the cyberdoc or even a regular doc and he can prescribe medications and shit, or you get a muscle job and get that rotted flesh replaced. Hm.. probably been mentioned before. But people who don't use should have some long term, health benifit or something. Right?
Benefits and Disadvantages like that should really be all rp in my book. I mean, if you don't do drugs you don't have to OD' from time to time. Act like a freaking madman because you're coming down on a five day binge. etc. You also probably won't weigh 42kg.