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Another interesting discussion bites the dust...

(Edited by Rastus at 3:57 pm on June 5, 2002)

So how would your system handle decapitation? shouldn't one be able to make it so that there would be no reversing of the 'death'?

If I want to move them from 0 to -10, shouldn't i be able to? It just seems that Rastus' system makes it so that the ONLY affect that can be had on the corpse is a benificial one (healing etc) whereas the old system (in place) allows for either...

I dunno, maybe i read wrong.


(Edited by Rastus at 3:58 pm on June 5, 2002)

Truth.  Those were my only concerns and they weren't well thought out (were they :P)

I like that approach. Though i will say decapitation in this day and age wouldn't be THAT strange...especially if it was common practice to keep the person from being able to be reatached...

changin' of the times...


Hmmm...yeah. that makes sence. opens space for those with medical skill to actually be able to run to the scene of a killing and help. How many doc players have been all frustrated and pissed cause they are basically useless tits after someone types the 'kill player' command.

On a side note: Sometimes when someone fires a .357 point blank into your face you go instantly into death and get disconnected. No -10 bleeding to death, no 'you're koed and can't do shit.' Just instant,  messy, my face is pudding death. At least under the current system.

Will the proposed new system take things like that into account? Having your face and brain turned into goopey vitrious humour well definately have an effect on how many synapses you have left firing, fancy nanotech or not. I supose that would be where skill loss and whatnot which case I bet suicides will go up just for the reclone, especially if it is a catastrophic loss of brain tissue. Though...hmmm, couldn't Gentek just reclone you a new brain, and a good doc just drop it into your brain case and slam your memory profile into it? Sorta a half clone?

I personally find the current system nearly pointless. If someone is out to kill you, they will type that 'kill player' command right away. It leaves -absolutely- no chance for the doctors to help. None.

With the it also means that people who kill someone will have to -WORRY ABOUT THE BODY!!!- It means that they have to hide them, move them, eat them, dismember them. Whatever them so that a medic can't bring them back. It even opens a place for people to be heros and pull someone back using CPR and shit.

And what about memory in a situation where you are brought back? Do you remember the flashes in those 10 minutes? Do you remember up to when you were dropped semi-dead? Is the 10 minutes set in stone? Shouldn't the severity of the death dictate how long those inbetween minutes are? Like gunshot to brain = 3 minutes, eviseration = 8 minutes, blunt trauma to body = 10 minutes, blunt trauma to head = 5 minutes, severed head = 2 minutes? Sort of similar to the current system where it counts down slowly, but in this case it is dictated by COD.

I assume that if a player kills another, and then hacks them into tiny bits with a katana, the player hacked to tiny bits is gonna be fucked for medical. But then, hacking someone appart takes time. It leaves evidance. Opens up the door for WJF to do more than just shoot criminals.

I say new system. Opens many more doors than it closes.

I agree... new system... though I also disagree with the head trauma and what not... I have seen people take shots to the face, then go get healed and they are fine... I mean, seriously, not everything can be life-like...

Just set the 10 minutes... and let it be at that.

...shots to the face...

Damn, you know you look at too much porn when your first response is to wonder what the hell that has to do with combat... *cough*

I'm beyond discussing the fact that the victim is either 'dying' or 'dead but not dead-dead', it's really the same when you abstract slightly. But see, the whole not being able to instantly kill someone thing bugs me.

You are in combat, generally with a weapon that can instantly kill someone, be it a knife (stab through the brain, decap) or a gun (pull the trigger in the face) or just your fists (strangle them). The person is unable to defend themselves in any way, why can't I just flat out kill them again?

Granted, the current system is abused in the fact that almost every types kill to finish them off. But the point is not that the code is flawed in this way (it IS flawed in certain others). Short of not allowing you to kill the person you've just defeated, there's nothing we can do about a twinkish situation where someone types 'kill' with no fanfair. The fatalities in Mortal Kombat come to mind. You were victorious, you deserve the KILL.

Perhaps instead of removing the option to kill someone, we limit it to the person who just whooped your ass. This will let YOU control the RP of the combat you just completed.

I'd be pretty pissed if I just kicked my nemesis' ass and I'm not allowed to pull the trigger and finish him off.

-- J

Valid point Jamn. What about combining the two ideas?

Keep the 'kill' and drop to -10 dead dead. But then move the player to a waiting area where he/she sees life flashes for 10 mins. Gives docs a chance to get in and RP something. You could bring the person back, no clone needed. If a doc can't get there in 10 mins, then the player dies fully. On to cloning. Take both ideas and but them together. Yes it means death gets longer (half an hour to die/reclone in a longest case senario) but it opens space for doctors, medics, forensics, friends desperately trying to preform CPR. continue cause I forgot to add this:

Players Are Lazy.


Remember that always. There are very few players who will not take the fastest route to killing. THere are very few players who will sit in a room and RP talking to a sleeping person they care about. There are very few players who talk to NPC's like real people even if they are not puppeted.


Lazyness = players.

Lazyness = quickest way possible.

I agree with Nic. But Ras, what I was refering to was in the game. If Astro puts an SSG slug into Luc's head, Luc doesn't die, he just loses alot of health. Thats what I was refering to.

(Edited by Rastus at 4:00 pm on June 5, 2002)

Yea, I agree with that... though I agree with Johnny too. But yes, there needs to be some way to bring them back from death. Hell, CPR does that... think of 2086... like Ras said, cloning builds whole bodies in minutes... why can't they just repair a damaged one and save the full brain file? It makes for better RP... and maybe even less murder sprees (which are always fun...)...


Do I sense an unhealthy urge to kill things?
Not unhealthy.