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Escort Command
comments and concerns

As I did not see a post already for the implementation of this new feature, I figured I would start one.

For those who don't know, escort is a new(ish) command, it is similar to follow, but instead you move first. Person A escorts person B, Person B inputs directional command and person A moves just before Person B.

There is a prompt that tells you it is an experimental feature when you start it. So I started this post as a way for players to voice their comments and concerns regarding this command.

I have ICly used this command and found that it works pretty well as intended, it eliminates the possibility of being given the slip by someone who wasn't intentionally trying to lose you. So far I like this command a lot, but I have noticed one glitchy thing with it. If person A is "escorting" B -and- B is "following" A, if A types in a string such as "go s e n w s e n w" only the first direction will be successful, the pair will move one room then stop. This may be considered a bug, not sure if I should @bug it, or just announce it's existence as a "do and don't" kinda thing.