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Eviction Changes
no more pain in the ass to get your stuff back

The old eviction process was pretty darn manual. This was good for RP, but required a lot of GM work, no matter how trivial the items you wanted back. You'd have to pay for the gear and then you'd have to gather it up and carry it all back to your place, possibly taking multiple trips. As the number of players have grown, this work has grown too. Since this isn't the greatest use of a GMs time and frequently leaves players without lesser items (would you go through the hassle for something trivial?), we decided to change the process some.

You will now be able to use 'payrent' to pay the back rent due as well as a 7.5% penalty. It also will not take corporate perks into consideration when calculating the rent due.

When your rent becomes past due, your apartment will be placed in 'evicted' state. You'll still be able to leave, but re-entering will require you to pay the back due rent first. After a grace period of time (14 days - this could vary between locations), the property left in the apartment will be sold or trashed by the landlord and the apartment will be put back on the market for new renters.

GMs are no longer required in this process, but you no longer get the RP of the grumpy landlord either. A bit of a trade off some will miss. If I've overlooked something with this change, let me know.

Will miss the grumpy landlord for sure =)

Still, I've watched evictions in action and yeah they requrie a lot of GM time.

This was a great idea that originally came out of the community! Well and quickly executed by the coders! Thank you guys. This is going to save a lot of time and also make the game more automated in an area that greatly needed automation.
Please oh please tell me this means a lynch mob of Westinghausians finally came after ole Palmer. ;)
It also will not take corporate perks into consideration when calculating the rent due.

Did it ever?

It never seemed to even in my recent experience. (Weekly rent, not past due rent.)

Yes, you actually need the right perk though.
I approve of this after getting gouged on late rent fees sooo many times. Wish it had come sooner, would have made my life so much better.
Been several months. Feedback on this from players?