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Faction Based Game Mechanics
Think GTA

Remember playing GTA1 or GTA2 and doing a bunch of jobs for one faction and then driving through another factions turf and getting shot at?

I've been putting work into a game mechanic of the same sort for SD.  At this point there is only one area that it actually effects, but more to come.

Let me explain.

Every character (NPCs included) now have a rating with each of the major factions in the game (Judges, TERRA, Gangs).

Everyone is at zero.

If you kill a member of the sinners your standing with them will go down.  Your standing with any factions that the Sinners like will also go down, but not as much.

Also, your standing with any faction that dislikes the Sinners will go up a bit.

If you sell an item to a faction based NPC (A ganger, Judge, Agent) then your standing will go up a bit with them and down a bit with the factions that dislike that NPCs faction.


What do standings do?  Right now they are only set up to deal with NPCs buying things.

Right now if your standing is high enough you will get a bonus when selling items to a faction based NPC.  If your standing is to low, you will just get jacked.

If you are a member of a rival faction, you will get jacked.

If you are a member of a friendly faction (think Judges and TERRA) you will get a bonus.

Bonuses are cumulative.

With non-faction based NPCs, yuo will not notice a difference.


Where is this going?

Well, there are a LOT of places we can integrate this code.  One thing I would like to do is make it so that if your faction standing is REALLY bad (IE: You walk around and kill Arteries all day), they attack you on sight as if you were @hated.

On the other side, I'd like to make it so if you get attacked in front of a faction you have good standing with, they jump in on your behalf.

I want to make it so GMs can see your faction rating with different groups and take that into account when they handle RP with you and members of those factions.

Perhaps gang membership can be based of faction loyalty?  If you want to join the Snakes you have to have a certain faction rating with them, and if you don't, you have to raise it by getting them items they need or killing their enemies.

I would appreciate more input on this, where else can we take this into account?  Ideas?


When you park your car/bike in a zone that belongs to a 'rival' faction or one that you are really low with, and an NPC 'sees' you park is jacked or vandalised.

Clothing that has gang/faction 'colours'. Identifiers which could get you pegged even if an NPC doesn't 'recognise' your face.

Using the 'dispatcher' code to 'text' your faction's cells if you are jammed up...any available faction members get it, including NPCs, but NPCs only respond perhaps if they are within the faction zone. This would also be great for the double cross, decoys, etc.

PC factions that could recruit NPCs (gangs switch sides for example) if the faction reaches a certain watershed mark of members and activity in the game. Could be based on bribery for NPCs. NPCS recruited would need 'extra' care to retain them. Might be interesting times if extremely valuable NPCs become free-agent style.

I'll keep the thinking helmet on...

The way the system is setup, it uses groups of NPCs to define a faction.  IE:

The Snakes, Sinners, Arts.

These are predefined.  The Snakes were originally a player run gang and were given faction status when they RP'd it out and grew their membership and were given NPCs.

Oh, and killing an NPC while disguised does not effect your faction rating as no one knows its you.

Also, NPCs will no longer buy items if you are disguised, they will tell you they want to see your face (this way we can compute ratings ICly and we can discern if someone is in a rival faction or has a bad faction rating ICly).


Thanks S

 Definitely cool. I think this is a great addition to the game.  I've always felt that more aspects of interaction, between all characters, NPC or otherwise, should be affected by the people one associates with. This is a big step towards filling the void that I saw in that area.

  I agree with the colors idea 100%. Regardeless of wether you're affiliated or not, if you wear the wrong colors down the wrong street in Compton, you will be viewed as one of the gang members whose colors you unknowingly sport, and you'll probably be attacked, beaten, robbed, maybe killed.  

  I second the vehicle thing too. If it's a vehicle that's identifiably yours, or you are seen parking it by a rival factions NPC, especially on their turf, something should happen to your vehicle.

  On an original note, how about gang signs, hand signals, or even gang calls, each specifically identifying a particular gang. I'm not sure how they could be implemented (emotes maybe??), but in effect they are ways to identify yourself as a faction member, or at least a sympathizer.  Not  all members of a faction will be able to recognize all other members, especially new ones or fringe members who don't publicly announce their affiliation. These signals could be ways to let them know you're on their side, or you could use them as a call for help if you shout them down the street and a fellow faction member hears it.

  I don't know a quick idea off the top of the skull there. I'll think about it some more and see what I come up with.

I enjoy watching people forced into taking sides. bwahahaha.
If a faction really likes you they will get your back in a fight.

Also, if a faction dislikes you you may end up hated by them which will effect varios things though they will not attack you on site.

If you're in with the Judges or TERRA, they should be less likely to give you random fines/will give you less fines, or will incur fines against the other guy involved instead of you.

This opens up a whole new area of paydata for people to collect - getting the gauge of each other's affiliations. makes planning how things will shake out a bit less arbitrary. Definitely nice.

Yep, that kind of thing is exactly what GMs will be taking into account when dealing with faction based NPCs.
I think it'd be interesting if you could ask an NPC about someone and they would give you an opinion based on faction rating combined with something else maybe?

to chaim What can you tell me about cyber goat ninja?
Chaim [to you]: He's tight with our crew, anybody who slaughters artz like it's their job gets respect even if he is a psychopath.

That way you could have a fair idea of who supports who when you wanna get a little NPC support on something.

This is an old thread, but I have an idea pertaining to this.

In addition to liking/disliking, I think it would be cool if there was a *fear* factor.

For example, the more you wreck a faction's shit, the more they dislike you - but also, the more they should be afraid of you, causing reactions such as leaving you alone, or running away (ideally towards other NPCs of that faction).

The chance of fear kicking in should depend on how many of the fearful faction are in a given room when the feared individual arrives. For example, if the feared character arrives in a room with one fearing NPC, there would be a higher chance of that NPC running away than if there were two, five or ten NPCs there. The "fear" effect could degrade over time as well.

It might also be cool to have "derivative" fear which would give a fear value to other members of the faction to which a feared character belongs.

I will use Judges as an example, because it's something I'm much too familiar with:

Say you have Judge Murphy and Judge Rookie. All Judges are hated by, say, Arteries. Now, there's a fight and Judge Murphy kills a given amount of gangers. The hate would increase (though I don't see how it could) but a fear value would also be attached to Judge Murphy, affecting Arteries. It might also affect other gangs to a lesser degree. Now, Judge Rookie would *also* benefit from a fraction of that fear, so when he's being dumb enough to take a stroll on Ashlin a single Artery might just give him a meaningful glare - whereas when he walks into a room with two or more Arteries he gets the shit kicked out of him.

If this faction stuff is still active, that is :P

I think this is sweet as hell, but have a few questions.  

I think the relationship between gangs has rarely if ever been expressed IC'ly in any place I noticed.  For instance, sinners hate snakes love arts..  

Obviously TERRA and WJF rep is going to be tied to criminal activity(read gang activity I'd assume)

What about un so obvious factions?  Yaks, Mafia, Triads?  Do they even factor at this time, or are there only 5 to consider (3 gang, 2 law enforcement)  

As you go deeper down the rabbit hole you could even wonder of Virisoma vs SaedorKrupp vs NLM vs whatever other corps could have it's own 'levels'  I can only imagine it hasn't been taken this far yet though.  

I also love the asking gang members what they think of people idea too, could work similar to asking Rychek how's biz?  However let's say a gang really doesn't like you, maybe they'll lie to you, or get pissed at the mere mention of a hated adversary's name.

Finally gang signs and repping your shit is a sweet idea for an addition too, rep your art shit on Ashlin, get props, rep your art shit to a snake get mad props.. but maybe a face re-arrangement in the process.

I thought it did that already. Although selling things to people  should not be decided so much by code as it should by the class of item. I doubt the arteries give a fuck if you sell a shirt to an enemy but probably would get pissed if you sold them a weapon or something.
If it does I'm oblivious.  Which is a complete possibility.  I also think some sort of meters, sans GTA would be extremely helpful.Jotun