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How to Report a Bug
be sure to tell us the details

Here's a sample @bug we recently got:

  Bug # (X): 831       Tasked To (1): $nothing (#-1)
Severity (2): low       Submitter (X): XXXXX (#12345)
  State (X): Open         Status (4): New - Unverified
 Public (5): YES            Type (6): Generic

Location (X): T.E.R.R.A. - Office (#2345)
   Date (X): Sun Mar  9 16:41:39 2003 PST

Summary (7): Agents bad with commands

Description (8):
Uh, yeah. Agents listening to commands are not working correctly.

This bug is useless to us and all it does it take up space in the database. We can't fix anything here cause the submitter didn't provide us with -any- details. If you are here, you are a beta tester and need to submit bugs, and if you're submitting bugs, you need to provide some details if you expect it to ever get fixed.

If there are speech problems, cut & paste an example in. We aren't mind readers and system is designed to work -for- you, not us, so the NPCs don't even react the same.

Details, details, details. You must submit the details to us.

Half-assed bugs have to be deleted, and then it looks like your being ignored. I'm sure you don't like to feel ignored.

So, help us help you already.

~ J