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new game features

We've taken steps to add the three main elements that comprise a persons hygiene to the game.

  1. Body Odor
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Breath

The first mod you may of noticed has been to the 'smell' command. If you're character has charisma above a certain point and your clean and you've set your @smell message, then that well be used when someone smells you. If your not clean or your charisma is very low, then you'll smell like various levels of funk. Walking through the sewers will change how you smell and how dirty you are.

Future modifications include:

  1. showing how dirty you are when looked at.
  2. disease
  3. implimentation of breath as a charisma tool

Showers have been coded to 'clean' you up and are available in cubes and most apartments (VP hasn't been converted yet, sorry, real soon)

Some of you may say this is trivial, but I say that it makes certain actions have more realistic consequences.

Your charisma will begin to affect the way NPCs react to you as well.

More to come as the hygiene system is more integrated.

Don't forget WJF, we need showers too
*ahem* I YMCA on red would be nice too then...god... :P

I love it Jman. Now all you need to do is code in a physical shower so Devi and I...err...ummm.. *BLUSH*

Hey Nic!  :-P

Seriously though, *real* showers would be nice.  (If only to provide another room in that too small apartment.)

-My 2 wooden nickels...

The apartments are small for a reason, you basically have a corner behind a curtain.
Note on the myriad of new odours we now sport:

1) Even the ugliest sucker on the planet smells good after a shower. I've noticed that chars with really low CHarisma don't even get that pleasure. At least let them smell good for a few minutes untill there over-active sweat glands flood them with the stench of the unwashed masses.

2) If you really stink, as in been walking in the sewers stink, there should be messages that go out to other players in the room if they smell you or not. The stench of a feces covered cloak is gonna be noticed weather you lean over and smell the person or not.

3) On sewers: If you walk through them, you should have a little message tagged on to your appearance. Something like the health messages. something like "%N is covered in globs of what looks like human feces, and is sporting assorted nasty looking stains on %p clothing and skin, and god he reeks."

4) Fleas, Ticks, Lice. You don't bathe, you get em. You crawl in the sewers, you get em. You pet rotting corpses, you get em. Send out random messages like "so and so scratches his crotch furiously."

5) There should be npc whores in the Red Canary. Maybe PC ones too if there are any daring players out there who wish to pimp themselves out. You can use these 'hookers' as I like to call them to gain your unsavory pleasures, for a fee of course. The risk: You can get crabs, and other nasty diseases. Bathing helps with crabs a wee bit, but for others you need to go to a doctor and get treated!

6) I can't wait for diseases and stuff!

7) HAHAHAA! All you fools on Red reek like sweat or worse!!

On a reverse note, when someone who smells damn fine walks into the room, you should know it.
ok, so on the thought about CHR being effected by your personal cleanliness, I agree this should be in effect, however I think it should be considered that a Reputation feature also be initated.  I know your shaking your head saying, "No, you should Rp that."  I agree, however, how do you rp a reputation to an NPC?  This is especially important when examining non PC situations like at the market, or the casino, or....a myriad assortment of issues yet to come.  I believe it was Rastus who stated in a previous post that killing people would effect your charisma, this is a prime example of somehting that shouldn't necessarily affect chr, but should affect reputation.  Case in point, say Dom kills someone, well, that's his job, it shouldn't deplete his charisma, unless he killed that person by say, slowly strangling them with piano wire.  If he instead broke out his enforcer, and busted off a cap, his chr should actually increase since he would be setting an example, and correctly rping his WJF character.  Now on the flip side, say someone like the head of an organized crime family, who wears 50k chyen suits, and smells like the newest most expensive designer cologne kills someone, it should improve his reputation, but not decrease his charisma, cause hell, he's a very charismatic fellow.  I could go on with a bunch more examples, but I think you get the idea.
I -think- I remember someone talking about this to me waaay long ago in the era of Bishop. I'm not quiet sure, but I think they actually have a plan for something along those lines. From what I recall, and from what messages they had me and a few others type out, depending on your rep with various 'groups' you'd have different responses/actions from them. I highly agree with Astro though, if that is expanded on, then you could do oh so much more. Prices, backup in a fight, information, etc. etc. etc. The possibilities are endless...
...yeah, something like that. It would set things up so if you went around killing gangers, whenever you'd enter a room with a ganger they'd attack you right off. If you stole, stores would boot you out or call wjf. NPC's would insult you and everything.

I don't thing 'rep' should be something you can alter with UE that's for -damn- sure. As to Rep with NPC's, those pesky game masters and admin are always watching, so when needed, they will -KNOW- the rep your character has, and the rep he thinks he has.

Now. As to the 'killing shouldn't lower charisma' thing. Poppycock. Does the world percive Timothy McVey as having a 'high charisma'? No, cause he offed a pile of people. Do you see the average street punk who's killed a few people as being charismatic? No, you see him as a street punk. Do you see the president of the USA as a charismatic person? Yes, he gets other people to do the killing for him, never dirties his hands.

Charisma isn't how -you- see yourself, but how -OTHERS- see you. Sure the tough mob boss has the look, but he is -FEARED- not loved out of his inate charismatic nature. And if you -ARE- a killer, you should -HAVE- to spend a -LOT- of time doing things to yourself and the world around you to make you seem better to the general populace. Hence you dump UE into charisma. The system as it is makes total sence.

I would try to respond to that little rant but....
*goes to intimidate Nic* aren't charismatic enough to respond to that rant.


...but that H&K is doing a lovely job of intimidation...see...I pissed my pants...

The system you are talking about is called 'Faction'.
And yes, it will work like you've mentioned, it is supposedly coded into NPCs, but i'm sure it needs recoding. Faction will control feels between various groups in the dome. Players and NPCs can be members of various factions. If your score with a particular faction is high enough, when someone does you wrong, the faction of the group with that person will go down, if the person is a member of a group, the faction with that group goes down. If the faction with something gets low enough, NPCs might start eyeing the something when it enters the same area, or they may attack, or make sinde comments. Rest assured, I want this system in place.
The faction system is, allegedly, complete but unimplemented. I won't go into the details of the system since it's all pretty much discussed above. It's amongst the projects I've inherited from the now departed Slave/Bishop and will be working my way through over the following months... Johnny's right, I suspect it will need a little extra coding to bring it into line with recent changes...

In essence it's a similar concept to ambient population, stored information that can be coded into any other code to effect the outcome of any given action. It'll take time to fully integrate it into the MOO, as ambpop is doing, but once it finds its way in there it should literally bring NPC's alive... or at least as alive as they can get without us having to use all the MOO's resources to code a half assed 'AI'.

kick ass.
ok, what if you are trying to sneak into a room, and you have been wandering through the sewers and smell like complete WJF (oops I meant to say shit)?  Shouldn;t the people in the room notice (if they have high enough perception that something smells god awful all of a sudden?
my point exactly. If you are draped in sewer shit, everyone who isn't brain-fucking-dead is gonna smeel you from about 20 feet away. And the -longer- you stay in a room, the worse it's gonna get as you ass-stench fills the area.
I've cleaned up those OOC temp smell messages and made some slight alterations to the code that will effect what you see if you smell yourself. It's cosmetic really but I didn't like seeing:

Lucifer leans over and smells Lucifer. etc

So, now you will discreetly sniff yourself and others will see you do the same. The message you see if you smell yourself is also now different to the message other people see if they smell you. Again, cosmetic, fixes grammatical obscenties that happen if you see the same message as other people from a different perspective.

Since your @smell message will be constructed for reading by other people I've added in a generic 'You smell clean with just a hint of your favorite scent', when you smell yourself followed by a message stating your current @smell message and the syntax to change it. (For newbies.) Applies only -IF- you are clean so that you know what other people are seeing.

Anything else regarding smells, farts, hygiene and such is Johnny's dept. I just followed up on a request to fix the OOC temp messages.


Yes yes... that is all in planning.  Actually, it's beyond planning, code has been written, but that system is not complete yet.

And no, there will be absolutely no way to use UE to affect your 'reputation'.  It will all be affected by how you play your character.  Who you screw, who you help, who you hang with, etc...

Also... as with stats, you won't know how you rank with who, or what to do to help or hurt yourself in that area, or how much it hurts or helps.  You'll just have to find out ICly by how you're treated.  But... it should be common sense if you pay attention to the social systems in the city (I'm talking IC social systems... not some code 'system'). :cool:
But some of them only understand numbers.  What about them?  How will they work?

*cheap, only 1.5 cents, since I learned how to short someone*

Question.. what of borgs that have -no- sweat glands?  Cerberus should smell sterile once he undergoes a cleaning..  not sweaty... at least, he'd smell sterile until he get's dirty again.
You smell like the sweat of all the people in the mix that your largeness brusheth.
In reference to Gaston's post:

@smell me is "<message>"

That's how you customise it when you're clean at least you used to be able to

Ahem.. I've already got my message set up, and it is as follows:

@smell me is "Cerberus smells of antiseptic, machine grease, and newly forged steel."