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In MOO Polling System
We can now solicit specific feedback

The BGBB is great but sometimes we need to get feedback from players in-moo. I've created a system for polling.

$creator or above level admin are able to create polls that players can vote in using @vote.

Creating a new poll pushes the poll to game help where there is a reminder every 6 hours that we have open polls to vote in.

Players can only vote once.

Players cannot currently see the results of polls. In the future we may make showing the results of polls possible-- however, I can imagine times we may ask for sensitive feedback that might not be the best thing to allow visibility into. We will most likely do monthly or quarterly recaps on polls (if we have enough to make it worth while) otherwise we'll talk about the results at the Town Halls.

-- S

I forgot to mention: Answers are anonymous. We track WHO voted but not WHAT they voted for.
Is there a way to see poll results?
Slither's original post addresses that. At this point, no, but may be in the future for non-sensitive items.

@Slither: I typo like no one's business. Will there be any implementation to go back to something you voted on and change it? Not critical, just curious, since I fat-finger better than anyone.

I've updated it so it asks you to confirm your vote.
You are a perfect specimen.
Noticed this for the first time today. Really cool. Only tweak I would add is perhaps adding a category for "Cannot make an informed decision." on some of the categories. If I'm playing a corporate character I can't really tell you what needs improving most urgently around the mix.
Alternatively one could just add a 'skip question' option.

[+][Game-Help] There are 1 open polls. Use '@vote' to weigh in! [0 karma]

There are no open polls for you to vote on.

Can it please not notify if I've already voted on all the polls? ❤