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Infections & Cures
Jinx is gonna give you the herp.

Infections are now a thing. They can be transmitted in the air, surfaces and through open wounds.

You can be protected by Cures and treatments. Things take time to be recovered from. They can make you heal really slowly.

Ebola, the flu, Gonorrhea. Even a cough from breathing in too much badlands dust. These don't have to show up on your @stats either.

As a part of this, we've changed how PDS is experienced. Much as before, there are several levels of experiencing it, but it uses the new infection system. Using your cyberware or witnessing someone else use theirs can trigger feelings of superiority and the resulting outbursts that follow. With this change, we'll move to add more nuanced pds symptoms at the high end so that those with severe cases can experience the severe symptoms in a reasonable manner.

Best. News. Ever.

Was Ebola a thing before? Or was my last char a tester for that. Because I enjoyed it throughly.

Aww it was supposed to be a surprize... All of a sudden everyone scratching their crotch...

And no, ebola was a very old infection script that was updated to the new system as Johnny and Slither make things better.

Now I just need to code mode VDs and diseases and play epidemy with the Moo...

Either way, I love it. Makes everything very very believable and lovable. Thank you to everyone who made that possible. Will it be possible to, per say, make diseases then?

Just to tell you guys I've made new diseases, infections and cures...