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Job types - Service vs Corporate

Hi all,

Per the discussion from the Town Hall. I have completed classifying all jobs in the game as either SERVICE or CORPORATE.

Fengshui has activated the code to display this job type on your employment record on your respective employment terminal for your job.

Any paid by NPC jobs should be considered SERVICE by default.

Please let me know if there any are legitimate wtf moments with certain jobs being wrongly classified.

Service jobs are jobs that aren't considered Corporate level. You may have a service job in the Mix or topside.

Topside Service employees are considered ' clean mixers ' and have a salary that is mostly compatible with living in the Mix, however they can live on Green, but won't be eligible for donation pads higher than Red level.

Corporate employees are eligible for donation pads on Green and Blue, Blue being a special circumstance available at the highest tiers of some jobs.

We're still looking at making changes to the doors at Praetorian that'll auto reject anyone working at a corporation but listed as a "SERVICE" job type. This should solve any problems we've experienced with Mixing of classes where there shouldn't be.