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Jobs & Resumes
easier to get a corporate gig

We've done a lot of work in the past few weeks to make it a lot easier to get a job in the corporate world. As more players have become more corpie than scum, we've really tried to address the lack of shit to do in the corporate area. We realize that its still lacking a lot and were working to get things in line.

Some of you have had the chance to apply for a job with the new resumes. Basically, how this works is you find an enote, hook up a printer, write up your resume and print one out. This creates a bonafide resume object which you can give to certain NPCs. The NPC then takes it, a message is sent to a GM board and a GM is supposed to evaluate it and approve or deny it based on all kinds of factors (resume itself, the character, known IC history, notes, etc) and enter in a response for the NPC to say.

Additionally, many more opprotunities exist for all players to make money now and more will be added in the future.

For those of you who feel that we've not addressed a need of yourself enough, I apoligize. Its not our intent to leave you feeling that way.

~ J

Any average ETA on the answers?


what answers?
I think he means when you apply for a job, how long until you know you got it.  My guess, a day or 2 like the histories.
To the resumes... Any average time so you get the answer set to you after you hand your resume to the NPC?

PS.: I found it! YAY!

Its a resume, if you've ever submitted one in the real world, you'll appreciate how short the wait is inMOO compared to IRL most of the time :)

And no, no ETA fo you!

The job that I have now took about 6 hours for them to call me back asking if I could start the next day...
Resume objects will now slowly decay to nothing unless stored in a briefcases, store shelves, hidden or lockers.

The same applies to newspapers.

Awesome, no more newspapers floating around on every street corner after being there for a month. *eyes* That got annoying.
I have only one (utterly useless) thing to say:


Don't worry. The world will be safe again soon as soon as I get the whistler-tips thing out of my system.

Oh yea, yay for death and decay, too.