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King of the Mix [Game in a Game]
Do you have what it takes, bakalakoo?

Did you ever play Dope Wars / Drug Wars as a kid? It was one of the first text based games that I ever played, back on a graphing calculator and then later on a regular computer.

I also played a game called 'Gang Wars' where you walk around a place that is basically Red and buy and sell drugs and other stuff and fight people and upgrade your armor. It had a poorly drawn GUI but was basically just a text game.

When I was first learning to code I made my own Dope Wars clone which was much more complex and it was a lot of fun and a good learning experience for me-- In Visual Basic 6.

For a while I've had it in my head that I'd like to write a Dope Wars style game for Sindome, featuring Juicy Vee. And today, it is released.

It doesn't have all the features that I want, but it's pretty complete and fun. Some of you have had your hands on it for a while now, helping me identify and fix bugs.

The game is global, meaning that the drugs you see available, are available to everyone and someone might buy them out from under you. They refresh over time though, so don't sweat. I'll leave the rest of the game up to you all to figure out ICly. That's half the fun.

It's like playing SIndome, within Sindome, in some ways :)

I hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback.

-- S

I was dead certain this was just a flavor thing and wasn't actually going to be an in-game object, or if it was it would just be a little RP prop you could emote with.

This is so hilarious and weird I love it.

I require feedback!
If you collect a crate and return to ACME before dropping it off, it tells you to check your inventory to see where you're supposed to take it. Checking your inventory actually reveals no such thing.

Otherwise everything seems to work great!

I like it so far, I have possible feedback but want to play it and explore more because I'm not sure how much is related to my not having played it enough yet.

Does killing people in encounters ever result in gaining chyen or items? Is that an okay question to ask? My encounter experience is limited so far. If it doesn't, could it?

I haven't seen anywhere to buy gear in the game past the sector passes and inventory upgrades. I figured there'd be places to go to buy weapons/ armor to increase encounter stats, but haven't' seen anything like that yet, but again it could be my limited game exploration.

Fighting is reaaaally spammy. Maybe it could be toned down to have just the stats for you and your opponent (on one line) after you choose to do it, instead of the whole screen?


Random Encounter: Baka wants 14,748c

You: 10:df 10:atk 50/100:wds

Excellent feedback so far.

Weapons are planned but not added yet.

I really love it! I have a blast playing it, and I probably play it a little too much.

Are the plans for a leader board type thing still on the slate? That would probably be my only real question as for features. Perhaps being able to buy upgrades for your avatar so that combat isn't as difficult as it is.

Perhaps when you purchase a vehicle flee chance is increased?

Beyond that, I would personally like to see more locations. KMB would be a good addition, especially given Juicy's constant commentary.

Given that it's a handheld console that supposedly connected across the the entire Dome, perhaps deckers could be given some interesting functionality with the game.

I might also suggest increasing the refresh rate to keep it competitive. I can elaborate on why but I would prefer to do it over something more private so I don't give away my character.

If there are to be leader boards, Juicy should always end up retaking the highest score, legitimate or not!
Hunt The Akalumpa, Anormas 2103?
There is a now a leader board in game for this, at Korova. And if you have a KOTM game with the high score, and bring it, you may get free drinks ;)
It's a little gimmicky but maybe instead of leader board numbers, people are given grandiose yet faux mixer titles.


#1 King of the Mix

#2 Dutchess of Blitz Laundry

#3 Baron of the Westsyde Femboyz


KMB could even do monthly events around it <.<

The leader board has been updated to count your banked chyen as well.
Found that when I get a clone, it says I paid for a clone but does not actually charge me.