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Information Services

Know-It-All(tm) Information Services is proud to bring its services to Withmore City.

With archived data comprising the entire span of human knowledge, our holographic systems will never leave you in the know.

Now available on Soma St, Central Gold District at the newly finished Cobblestone Plaza!

Truly awesome...

This totally provides the function of alot of stuff I'd love too see in-game...but on a scheme far grander then I ever expected. Just fucking glorious. I LOVE IT!

I must say absolutely brilliant!   :biggrin:StoneMonk_v2

The smart holograms are backed by our IC wikipedia and also by the IRL wikipedia. This is largely player and staff written content about the game world and sometimes we override topics you can find on IRL wikipedia so that we can rewrite history as we see fit. They were never really designed as a way to get gameplay information like the exact places you can buy X or Y, just like you don't look to IRL wikipedia to find out where to buy an iPhone.

So they are currently working to tell you where something is...which is good but yeah, wouldn't necessarily see the hologram to be able to pin point that accurately...

But, based on your intention, being able to tell someone WHERE a building is located, Green, Gold, Mix, the street, etc would fit in with what was intended?

I think we added some additional smarts around WHERE more recently. Certainly a valid use in my mind, Blah Blah Street, Central Red District.

Did the Cobblestone Plaza one get moved/deleted? Nothing there but a StreetTerm now.

I assume Know-It-All was basically the same thing as Hologram of Immy?

Johnny, would it be helpful if I put together a list of all the establishments and their locations? If so, let me know if you'd prefer them in a format other than a list of sentences, i.e.

Digital Dreams is located on the first floor of the Cordoba Mallplex.

The Cordoba Mallplex is located on Cordoba Avenue on Green Level.

Afterthoughts Memorial Services is located on N Saedor Way on Gold Level

That sounds like a good idea. We'll take those and set them as properties on shop objects. That way, we can better control the available information in an IC manner.

Jinx: start up a google spreadsheet and share with stonemonk and the staff. :)

What do the Acme and WW deliveries use to inform the player where the store is located?

Only the district. (Red, Gold, Green.)