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Makeup - Body Stickers
Are you a CleverGirl?

As promised, I'm back again with another usage of stickers. This time, I've added support in the nakeds description code for stickers applied to parts of the body. Our first use of stickers on your body is makeup!

Released and stocked at some Withmore stores, you'll find lipstick, mascara/eyeliner and eyeshadow at very reasonable prices. More things along this vein will be coming.

Note that you can 'apply makeup to my eyes' or 'my lips' and it will work it out. Light skill is involved and you may need to get your hands on a mirror (or find someplace with one) to do your own makeup.

And theres nothing stopping you from putting that makeup on other parts of the body if you want to be weird like that. Right now, the best messages are for the body parts where you normally put the makeup, but there are universal messages too.

Eye makeup will now increase the likelihood of your eyes being what people notice in your short description.

And a big THANK YOU is deserved to fleurtygirl, who has written all the makeup 'nakeds' that drive this new feature!
Round of applause for Johnny and Fleurtygirl for the makeup feature! It works nicely :)
Oh good. I can't wait until we see more rockers with a banshee wail, black nail polish and a too much guyliner.

Remember that, peeps: makeup isn't just for girls!

Does this mean that writing makeup nakeds, especially creative makeup that these stickers won't cover, is now invalid?
Very nice! I have a guy with a lick of 80's Japan visual kei to him, so a make up addition is certainly something I will look into.
It's nice in a way but I don't like it.

When I saw someone where the eyeshadow, though it was an odd color, it seemed fine.

It's the mascara that I don't like. You apply it to each eye separately, which does make sense after all some people only wear it on one eye (a la Alex of Clockwork Orange) but instead of a combined naked description (character's eyes are framed by blah color lashes) it's something like: Character's left eye mascara description. Character's right eye mascara description.

I'll wait and see what happens but I must say, CleverGirl is clever. *wink*

- -

Some characters may want different mascara colors for each eye?
Also, it doesn't have to be applied separately; apply to 'my eyes' and it is applied to both.
Before this thread was started, I had already added support for 'eyes' and 'lips' as a target for the appropriate makeup. It ends up applying to your right eye position, but is messaged for both eyes.

And this will be coming too at some point here:

Funny. I tried that. Didn't work for me but I'll try it again. Must have gotten the syntax wrong.

Is this a precursor to disguise kits? Wink wink

I do hope that the makeup will be updated with more choices. I'd love to see things like glitter and costume/stage makeup, other normal choices like foundation and highlight, or even temporary tattoos, plus other colors if possible.