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Martial Arts
are you the last dragon?


Immediately, those skilled in the Martial Arts skill (to any degree), will see an option in the @assign ue menu permitting them to choose a single fighting style to focus on. This will be the behavior applied to everyone. This choice is permanent.*

There are currently only two martial arts fighting styles available:

- Taijutsu - The empty-handed fighting system of Ninjutsu or, The Ninja.

- Capoeira - Brazilian street style, started as the martial art of african slaves.

You then will use your training if you type @default-htoh is Taijutsu (or Capoeira). Empty your hands when you're in combat and there you go.


Two more martial arts styles are planned:

- Krav Maga - Israeli military training, based in the best moves of other styles.

- Muay Thai - Kickboxing style that combines fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet.

When these two styles come out, we'll reset everyones chosen style and let you chose again.

Some Day

* - At some point, we'll make it possible for you to switch your training through IC means. We'll also make it possible for you to train in a second one with enough skill.

Everyone must be too busy RoPling to reply cuz this is frikken amazing. How many posts below are about getting MA working...and now it's here.

Jinx did a ton of work describing these as on top of the weapons he's fleshing out. Iga worked on Taijuitsu. And Once the descriptions were all together, Johnny implemented the code.

Long time coming, now it's here. These Admin are tearing it up these days. Show em some love.

Ya this is very wonderful, hats off guys, I can't wait to try even different ones. I see the potential to do some really fun things surronding the gym, and maybe even revived fight nights. It's been a loooong time coming, and I'm extremely overjoyed to see it finally arrive!!!

Would it be greedy to ask how long til we see the other 2 in the same post???

I think we should choose a bunch of styles, take the top few and post them on the main page for everyone to vote on to decide a 5th.

Thanks for your hard work guys, alright I need to go try to beat someone up.

It takes about three days of work per martial arts style to be done, so I'd say at least two weeks for the next two is a fair assumption.

From there I'll be moving to other things, 4 is enough for now. That doesn't exclude the possibility of more coming in the future, it is just that we set a goal of 4 to start with.

Also we need some time to rest and play too :P

hats off

I second that, this is just one of many rad-ass things the lovely folks have been working on! Three m'er f'ing cheers, moognomes.

/me *highfives everybody in sight*

To the roleplayers too, they've got to be doing this 'cause they know we'll tear it up, ourselves! Keep it up, let's have a RoPlYmpics up in dere.

Before we add more martial arts, I'd like spend time on brawling styles. But first, Jinx gets a break and a lapdance from that 3 titted girl from Total Recall.

All 4 Martial Arts styles are done. All should be in game as soon as they get set properly into the MA code.
I recall a little while ago someone mentioning on OOC chat we would be able to reassign chosen Martial Arts style when all four styles were completed and in game.

Is this still going to happen?

Yepper, 2nd pocketface's post. Though I'm sure it's just because it hasn't been totally implimented yet?

They will be re-assignable in time.
And that time is now!

Both Krav Maga and Muay Thai are now available. Please forgive the typos or other grammer issues, but we'll get the messages smoothed out with your help.

Those of you who have already selected a weapon style will find you can reset that choice and make a new choice.

Game on!

Just a heads-up. We did some fine-tuning on all martial arts now that we have enough data on how it is behaving.

Expect it to suck if your skill with it sucks and to be better as your skill goes up.

This was expected as all MA are new and we needed the data to make it not game breaking.

Brawling now follows the same curve as Martial Arts with the same number of attacks.

Don't forget to set your @default-htoh attacks

Everyone wondering every MA style + brawling has 11 different moves.

Have you seen them all?

The higher you go in rank, the more you see right?
Are there any functional differences in the styles or is it more for flavor?
There are minor differences, ask IC to learn more.