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Maximum UE & Next Character Bonus
when its time to roll a new mixer

I've made some very significant changes tonight. I believe that these changes will help drive players with characters reaching 'oldbie' status towards finishing their character in the proper blaze of glory it deserves. Who wants to see an old ass Judge Murphy in a rocking chair?

Next Character Bonus

Everyone whose earned a few weeks of UE will be eligible for a percentage of their character's experience to rollover as bonus UE in their next character. The current bonus is set to 6%.

Maximum UE

All characters will be subject to a maximum limit on how much unassigned experienced can be earned. When the limit is reached (or if you're already at it), you will no longer earn the daily UE. The value we settled on for this is over 2 years of 3 UE a day. The majority of players don't earn that, they have lives that get in the way. I expect most to hit the limit between 5 and 8 years. Reaching this limit does not mean your character is done. It's just not going to grow via UE at that point. Yes, I do hope its an incentive to make a new character.

The number of non-admin alts characters (i.e. true players) affected by this immediately is only 1. There are less than 10 characters in total immediately effected. If you're getting close to the limit, you'll see information in @stats.

Character Age

We're now recording the timestamp when your character finishes character generation (Somehow overlooked) and letting you know how old your character is in your @stats. If you don't have this new value, it will use when you first started to play the game.

Burn your candle twice as bright.

This, is awesome and an incredible idea.

But, does that mean all the Juggernaut's of the game are going to be scaled back? Or, existing super characters are going to continue on, kind of like the "heroes" that they are amongst the player base in SD.

At least now, we should get new characters more often, instead of constantly grinding away with their current char.

I think this is a wonderful thing. It will incentive character re-rolls and set a cap. What this means is that once you hit the cap you won't be the character that is game mechanics breaking (believe me it is an issue) and if you want you can keep roleplaying all you like (it isn't all about stats anyway, right?). It will allow other players to come and reach your skills and become a real threat and start trying to pick you, ooh fun!

In the other hand it helps bored players to a fresh start when they are out of ideas on where to take their characters or what to make of them. It happens, often. Recognizing all the time invested and giving them a boost on a new start is great.

Better than having oldbies locked in cubes watching the other players pass and thinking, "Shit if I go there I might break their roleplay..." or "I have to wait for in order to get into a real fight." or "Fuck, I got all the chy and all the bitches, now what?"

Adding to this I'll make sure that oldbies that reroll get their name carved in SD's history one way or the other. Immy hologram is one of the ways. Feel free to hit me up in game so we can do in-memorian things.

I @Love this change. I have concerns that with no cap, there will be some NPC's that will be unjustly uber, etc... In the grand scheme of things that's almost meaningless compared to the things we gain. Not only does this address some of the issues with being NOOB, it also makes ditching oldbies more attractive.
My only problem with this is. What about characters, who've survived with their first character, tried to branch out into multiple skills at first and lost their ue? They can't gain that UE back with a cap. As much as I love this being put into affect.
If you fall below the threshold of UE spent for something like stat or skill reduction, you'll start gaining UE again until you're over the threshold.
Mrew, if you mean people who 'wasted' UE trying to spread it too thin or on skills they abandoned, I still don't think it would be much of an issue. We're talking years worth of UE here, so if you've had your char that long and still haven't gotten good at anything, that's a whole other issue.

It's not like everyone deserves to have a powerful or extremely skilled character anyways. :P