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Merchant License [New License Type]
No more Articles of Incorporation for everyone

Hey All -

We were missing a license type for the sole proprietorship style tailoring and handy-person and courier types. Basically anyone filling a niche. We don't want people getting Articles of Incorporation for their lil businesses, so we've added a new license type. Merchant License. It lets you sell goods or services that aren't restricted (like cybernetics or guns). It's pretty cheap.

This really only applies to people doing biz topside as the mix doesn't... really... care.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion and gives folks a way to be 'legit' if they want to be. Licenses will still need to be reviewed and approved ICly, as is already our policy!


-- S

Does this extend to doing the automated courier jobs on Gold?
No. Working for a corporation does not require a permit.