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NEO Deprecation, Corporate Changes
Death of NEO, Long Live PRI

With a lot of our big builds, players don't often know what we're doing until we do it and then it's out there. This change is big enough, however, I feel it merits an OOG announcement and a chance for players to gird themselves.

We as a staff team have decided we will be shuttering NEO to player hires. In light of where we're taking Sindome as far as new code and features, and the roleplay dynamics in the dome, NEO just doesn't make sense any more. For a long time, NEO has been seen as the weaker of the three megacorporations, and their role in the game has never been clear. This has made it difficult at the best of times for NEO to be a serious contender bringing something unique and fun to topside play.

Instead, in light of these changes, we'll be renovating and significantly expanding PRI as the new third pillar for topside corporate play. Like VS and NLM, PRI brings a very specific culture and sphere of mechanics and influences to the game. Ones that make it a better threat to the two other megacorporations, and one that will increase dynamic roleplay between mixers, and corpies. Especially because PRI has significant holdings and employment opportunities in Red sector, unlike the other megacorporations.

Players who are currently at NEO will be allowed to continue working there for now, grandfathered into the system. However, new hires will not be accepted at this time.

We look forward to sharing with you all the cool things in the works. There's no timeline on the build changes at the moment, but it's all coming Soon (tm).

Just want to reinforce that these changes will be really awesome. Please don't be discouraged about NeoTrans! Some pretty legit stuff in the works that will be great for the game longterm.